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  • Hey!

    Guys, check my web-site:
    And please tell me what you think about it
    I will be highly appreciated

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    Re: Hey!

    It's a good start. The icons are a little busy and large. They look like logo's to other places. Not icons for what you do. Tame it a little.
    And this page:

    I'm not sure why you have the retouched image as the after. It doesn't look better. I like texture, but this texture is not a bonus over the first picture.
    I doubt clients will see it as a good idea. But, you are here to ask. Keep doing that and you will get a great site!
    Final tip: You can see the names of your images. Untitled 01-7shs63 or not ok. I suggest you name each image the name of your business
    and then a number. This way they will show up in search. Good luck!
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      Re: Hey!

      The type needs to be rewritten using proper English. The current type wasn't written by a native English speaker. Most of the before images look better than the after versions, which doesn't help market your work. The gigantic icons looks ridiculous. It's like you made one version and optimize it for mobile devices.

      I suggest starting over. Use a template for the layout. Use correct English. Avoid over-selling. Your work is not "world class" by any standard. It's a ridiculous statement, and it doesn't make the images look better to a prospective client.