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    I have done a quick search for calculators and found these sites that might be of interest

    hope one of these helps



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      Another serious timesaver....

      I just discovered this and I'm very excited.

      I usually spent the weekend searching for new goodies to add to my web development stash and have mostly used the "add to favorites" or "bookmark this page" browser functions.

      Then when my bookmark files get so big they won't open any more, I go through and purge them, sometimes throwing away good stuff because I get tired of trying to figure out what it is - the "organize bookmarks" function is a joke.

      BUT there is a solution.

      If you have Netscape, it comes with it's own HTML editor (Composer)and you can create links on a page by simply dragging them to the Composer page and Composer creates the link and while the information is still fresh in your mind, you can type in a description that will (hopefully) be meaningful to you later.

      Save the Composer page to somewhere on your harddrive (where you can find it again LOL) and bookmark the saved page - then when you want to find something that you saved, select the bookmark for your page and voila! there are your important links with dscriptions.

      You can also reopen the page in Composer and add to it.

      To keep things organized, you can add various headings to group related topics etc.

      Hope this helps, Margaret