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  • Its up and running.... hopefully!

    Thanks to a vast amount of help from you folks and reading several books on web site I have now launch my new look web site.

    So I am now anfter your opinions on the new design and whether you have any problems viewing the new site. I have tested it in opera and IE at 1024 by 768, 800 by 600 and IE at a larger size...can't quite remember the dimensions.

    Please post any spelling and gammar mistakes and general opinions on the site.

    All comments are greatfully recieved

    Thanks in advance


    p.s Those of you who know my old site - do you like the new one? Is there anything specific you like? How would you rate the change in functionality?

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    And you tried to make us think you were confused about web development!

    I really like your new site - it's lovely. It loads quickly, everything works. I'm on a Mac, so I tried it on all the browsers and it also works in Safari - that's the new Mac browser and it's kind of an acid test.

    I also tried it on Netscape 4.7 and it works there too! My code always breaks on the 4.7 browser

    Congratulations Clare.

    Take care, Margaret


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      I agree with Margaret. Loads quickly on my dial up account (very important), and it looks very professional. I assume you're aware that you have nothing showing for the red-eye and tonal corrections links? Also, maybe you didn't want it this way, but when I read there was a three tiered pricing structure, I expected to see *something* about pricing, even if it was only a range of prices for the categories. Very nice job though. You can be proud of yourself. I won't comment on the spelling differences between the UK and the US.



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        It looks great Clare, I loaded it in both IE and Netscape 6. It's great in IE but in Netscape 6 it's not quite right. I've attached a screen shot of what I see in Netscape 6, hope it helps.
        Attached Files
        Last edited by Sanda; 02-27-2003, 03:11 PM.


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          Thanks for the input.

          This is the third web site I have created this year and the only one that has made it far enough to go live.... I have learnt so much through building the others and still have so far to go. I am only half way through one of the three books that I bought recently on web design and other programing related subjects and am really hoping that I will beable to iron out some of the glitches that I have found soon.

          Margret thanks for the vote of encouragement, I am really glad that it views well on the Mac, this is one of the things I have not been able to try out so this information is so valuable.

          Ed, I have been thinking of including a price list in the three-tire levels section, but was just a little unsure, I will probably go with a loose price structure so that it complements the individual approach that I have tried to convey with the site. The red eye and tonal correction images are on their way, I need a picture of a person with red eye as I have none that are suitable for a web site ...... can anyone help!

          Sandra, thanks for the heads up about netscape, it looks from the screen shot that it might be an issue with the css file that controls that background, I will have to hit the books to work out how to fix this one. Does Netscape show the web page in this way on all the pages or just the index page? This will help with me finding the problem, thanks.


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            Clare, it's on all of the pages in Netscape 6, I think you're right about the background being the culprit.


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              I don't have a Mac version of Netscape 6 to see if the same problem exists here, but I found a download site for it and will dl it later and let you know. If it's any comfort, the download site had this to say:

              Netscape 6 is the first standards compliance of any browser ever released. This is made possible by the small, fast, standards-compliant, free, open-source, cross-platform, cross-device, embeddable Netscape Gecko browser engine. (However, Netscape 6 is generally considered as premature product, Netscape 7 is a better choice for stability and much better standard
              I'll let you know how it works in 6 when I get it downloaded - I need to be checking my pages in 6 too.

              Take care, Margaret


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                Hi Clare,

                you've got a very nice site running! I really like the menu, it works great and it's very easy to navigate. the one thing I noticed is that all the text appears very small in Opera 6 and 7 but it's just fine in IE. it's probably just a combination of having a fairly high resolution (1280x1024) and not using one of the most popular browsers, but I thought I'd let you know anyway. great work!

                - David


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                  Nice one Clare. It's just a pity that you were forced to put watermarks all over the pics.

                  One thing I found a bit funny was on this page, if you click on one of the text links, I'd expect to go to the example, but instead you go to a page of the same name. I got into a cycle until I realised you wanted me to click on the pics.


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                    I like the new layout much better than your old site! I think it is organized better as well.

                    A couple of things I noticed (wrt comments others have made):
                    - The strange layout that Sanda found in Netscape 6 does NOT appear with Netscape 6.2. (I did see it in Netscape 6 though.)
                    - Your text size looks just fine in my Opera 7 browser. I'm running a 1024x768 screen resolution. Actually, your bold text in the main portion of your site (i.e., the main page and all of your description titles) appear quite small in all of my Netscape browsers - though I didn't really notice it until David mentioned the small text size he saw in his Opera browsers.

                    A few comments that I think would help with the consistency of your site...

                    - In your galleries, it would be nice to be able to go from one "large" picture to the next without having to go back to the thumbnails to get to the next large picture.

                    - Also, the phrase which indicates to people that clicking on the larger picture will bring you back to the thumbnails is inconsistent in your different galleries. In your Restoration/Retouching examples, I know I can click on the large picture, but I don't know what it will do - there's nothing to tell me what clicking on the picture will do, and there's nothing to tell me how to get to the next picture or back to the thumbnails without clicking the back button on my browser. In your Business Commissions gallery, you use the phrase "Please click on image to enlarge" even when the large picture is showing. I clicked a picture expecting to see an even larger version of the image and was brought back to the thumbnails. I haven't checked every page in that gallery, but the ones I did check were all like this. In your Image Library, the wording tells me what to expect and everything works like I expect it to (with the caveat of my comment above this one). Again, I didn't check every image, but those that I did appeared consistent.

                    - Is there a purpose for the rollovers of the "bar images" in your navigation area? I'd like to see the bar at 100% opacity when a particular area is selected to give me a visual indication as to where I am in the site. Perhaps you have a reason for not doing that though.

                    I didn't look at every page and I didn't look for hard for typos - I was looking at your site more from a navigation standpoint. I do think it's much better than your old site!

                    Now if I can just get my site up and catch up with the rest of you...



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                      Thanks for the comments

                      Thanks for checking Netscape on the Mac, I will wait and see if you have the same problems with the background, thanks for checking this for me.

                      Big screens are really hard to write a website for in a consistancy view point, thanks for pointing out the titles being small I will have to add a small bit to the css to sort this out. I think its the fact that the CSS script takes over the size of the text and is making the <h> header tags to small, I will check this out and hopefully get it working as it should.

                      Big Al,
                      I think it is ashame that the watermarks are needed, but once bitten by someone stealling your work it makes you more security minded. Hopefully in time this will not be nessesary.
                      I will change the text on the restoration examples so it sends you to the images, thanks for all the input.

                      I'll check out all the gallery pages to check for consistancy for viewing a larger image, and try to implement a click here for the next image into it at the same time
                      I like the idea of the menu bar images staying 100% opacity when you view certain sections, Nice idea thanks.

                      Well I'm going to head back to the books for the CSS problems and implement all the other bits and pieces, thanks again folks



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                        Hi Clare, I downloaded Netscape 6.1 (couldn't find 6.0) and tried your site and sadly, I had the same problems as Sanda.

                        I noticed that the RetouchPRO site has a few small problems in Netscape 6.1 too so I suspect that some of the problems are more Netscape's fault than your's.

                        I need to get busy on the site I'm working on this weekend and get it up and running too.

                        Take care, Margaret


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                          Thanks Margret,
                          I will have to look into the Netscape thing to see if there is anything I can do to help with the site but I needed to fix a few things this morning, thanks for checking it out for me.

                          I have just uploaded the site again, there are a few changes that I have made. I made the text in the restoration and retouching examples link to the examples, Changed the linking header so it is 100% opacity when viewing resoration, commissions or the library. You can also now forward to the next picture without having to go back to the gallery. I have also added to the CSS script to hopefully make the text larger in the titles.

                          Thanks for all your help, What do you think know? Is it working better?

                          Thanks again



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                            Hi Clare, I did some fooling with your code and got a better result (although not yet what you want)

                            In global.css, I changed the "table" to ".mytable" so that I could call it as a "class" in the table in index.html.

                            The result of doing this was that the background image only showed up once in NN6 - that's the good news. The bad news is that it didn't show up in quite the right place

                            I have to go out for a bit but I'll try again later.

                            I hope you understand that I'm not trying to find fault with your work - I've run into the same problems and working with your code is easier than writing my own.

                            Take care, Margaret


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                              You are quite welcome to play with my code, hopefully between us we can come up with a solution .... two heads are better than one



                              How did you edit it to make it show up once? what line of text did you add/remove/alter?


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