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  • Cross-platform editor....

    jEdit is an opensource, cross-platform text editor that has some very useful features.

    The one I particularly like is the ability to "fold" the text file. When an HTML file gets to be more than a couple of screenfuls, the ability to fold it is really important.

    I stumbled across this editor while I was searching for something else and downloaded it for a trial - I think it might become my main editor.

    There are things I wish it could do, but there are lots of plug-ins and lots of people making more (and they will help you make your own) so anything is possible.

    I have no connection to jEdit or it's creators. I'm posting this for information only.

    Take care, Margaret

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    Arachnophilia at is also worth looking at.


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      or try emacs, context, crimson, editpad, vi, xemacs...

      ummmm... yeah, emacs for sure

      though, visual studio 6 has the editor also nicely done... [but that's far from opensource or free ]