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  • Handy color chart...

    When you're using a text editor to write html, there isn't always an easy way to find out exactly what color you want for text etc. Sure there are lots of color charts to be found on the web, but when you're deep into debugging some tricky code, who wants to go searching for one.

    Here's what I did. I found a chart that I liked, took a snapshot of it (or if you can find one that's already a .gif or .jpg even better) make it into a format that will work as a background picture (what do you call them in Windows) and then use the colorchart picture as your desktop picture.

    Now when you want to pick a color, your chart is right there. Wish I'd thought of this a long time ago.

    I'm attaching the color chart I like.

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    Good idea Margaret! One might be better to save it as a .gif since it uses the indexed color mode. That way you will always be sure that the color you sample is the exact value...The .jpg compression can often alter the color and/or introduce artifacts.


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      Thanks Greg - I noticed that the colors are a bit off. I will save it as a .gif and see if that works better.

      Take care, margaret