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  • So many browsers, so little time....

    I need your help. I ran into a problem that has me flumoxed.

    This page loads fine in Netscape and IE, but Safari hangs and refuses to load it.

    I found that by removing one line from my CSS I can get it to work, but I want that line in there (font-variant:small-caps and the curious thing is that I use font-variant in other pages that work fine in Safari.

    If you have a minute, would you try to access the page with whatever browsers you use and let me know how it works.

    I appologise for the state of the page - I was in the middle of making it pretty when I came across this glitch.

    Also if anyone has any insight into what the problem might be, let me know.

    Take care, Margaret
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    When I tried to access the link, I received the message "This page cannot be displayed". I'm using IE 6.0. Since I know absolutely nothing about this stuff, that's all I can tell you.



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      That tells me a lot Ed. At least now I know it's more than just Safari and that I need to be worried about it.

      Could I ask you to try this page

      I use the same code in both pages, but the one I'm linking here works fine where the other one won't load.

      Thanks, Ed, I appreciate the help,



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        I can't get either link to work, using IE5.1 for MAC.


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          Thanks BK, I had the first link typed wrong (I fixed it now)

          I'm using IE5.2 and both pages load in IE but not Safari.

          I know what line in the CSS is causing the problem, so I guess I'll just have to leave it out.

          Take care, Margaret


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            Both links work for me. IE6 on WinXP.



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              Both links also work in Opera 7.02 and Netscape 7 (on WinXP).



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                Doesn't work with netscape 6 for mac (it couldn't find the server, it said). Both pages work fine with Opera 5.

                update - the first link now works with IE5.1 for some reason (kept dying before...odd) Attached pic is from Opera screen.

                also (somebody smack me if I'm wrong here!) I THINK that if you specify a font and the person calling your site doesn't have that font installed that they end up using the default (whatever that may be) and that could be worse than setting it up with a default (which everyone could see) to begin with. Most use ariel or helvetica for non-serif, and times for serif - boring but safe.
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                  This blurb from Dreamweaver...

                  Font variant - Determines whether the element should be rendered in all uppercase letters in such a way that lowercase letters of the source code are rendered in smaller uppercase letters. If a font family contains a small caps variant, the browser should use it automatically. More likely, however, the browser calculates a smaller size for the uppercase letters that take the place of source code lowercase letters. In practice, Internet Explorer 4 renders the entire source code content as uppercase letters of the same size as the parent element's font, regardless of the case of the source code.

                  CSS Syntax
                  font-variant: fontVariant

                  Any of the following constant values: normal | small-caps.

                  Initial Value



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                    I'm using Opera 7.03 (best version of Opera so far IMO - finally the RP menu works completely without problems) and both of the pages are displaying just fine.

                    - David


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                      Thank you all for trying it for me and BK thanks for the screen shot and extra information. I will try it with the default fonts and see if that makes a difference.

                      Take care, Margaret


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                        Sorry for the delay in trying the other web page, but I just got back online. After reading Jeanie's post, I decided to try both links, and they both come in fine this morning. Like Jeanie, I'm using Windows XP and IE 6.0.



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                          I'll muddy the water some, I can load both links with no problems. I'm using EudoraWeb pocket browser on my Handspring Trio 300. It was much more difficult logging in here though. I'd hate to use this as my only access for very long.

                          I don't think I will find any other portal but this until Friday when I get back home


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                            Thank you for the feedback Kevin. I'm happy to know that you could load the pages on your handheld. One of the projects on my desk is to port this whole thing to handhelds since many of my son's customers will be using them to access information.

                            I don't have a handheld, and I have a question for you. Do many sites offer specail pages for handhelds, or do they expect you to thumb around awkwardly over their monstrous original pages??

                            Thanks Margaret


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                              Well Margaret, I bragged too soon. After I posted the reply, using the Eudora browser, I found a limitation. It was unable to see beyond page one of the thread. I've been trying for about an hour to get the Blaser browser to get me to the forums page on this site. It isn't my default browser so I could'nt link in from the e-mail message. It always brings up the Eudora browser. There is no equal key on this keyboard for some reason so I couldn't type in the URL to the forum. Doug has no link to the forums on the home page outside of the pull out menu which I cannot access with either browser. I thought I would never get here!

                              Now, that being said, I am able to browse most of the major sites. There are many that do offer style sheets to help thiis small screen work. Mapquest even offers maps to suit this format. I think as these units hit the streets in big numbers there will be even more compatibility available.

                              Since this hotel doesn't offer Internet access I am glad I have it. The e-mail feature is especially nice to have. I have my Web site e-mail being forwarded to this phone and most of my work e-mail as well.

                              I am glad this isn't my primary browser but right now it is nice to have.


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