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    HI! this is the place for software questions right? SO i will ask is there a software thaat is like microsoft frontpage? What i mean is that is there a software that is wysiwyg and generates the html code at the same time? Cuz i am searching for it in internet and sees none like it. Thanks for the time spent in reading my post.

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    Hi Garfield,

    you can find a number of freeware WYSIWYG HTML editors on this page here

    - David


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      Netobjects Fusion is probably the most WYSIWYG html editor available. If you use a lot of images, Adobe Golive is a good candidate (it's what I use for this site). The defacto editor of choice nowadays is Macromedia Dreamweaver. Most full-featured editors offer visual editing today, but be aware that with web pages it's usually a tail-chase, and that there's no such thing as true WYSIWYG.
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        i know that dreamweaver is the best editor but my friend has low memory and u know that macromedia dreamweaver is also a memory pig just like adobe golive also, so my friend cant use it, ok i'll try to find some on the given link. thanks btw. personally, i dont like dreamweaver also, except the server side and database managaemnt that comes with IT. its not too great at all imho.


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