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    I've been working on the FlipAlbum product lately and have decided to do a test. I have put my Gallery into a FlipAlbum and have uploaded it to my Web site. I need to know what kind of problems you experience. I'm sorry that for now the test can only include Windows users. They have a Mac version out but as of now I cannot generate a Mac viewable Album. I hope they get this problem resolved soon.

    Try it if you would and tell me what your feelings are about this concept. The links to the FlipAlbum are on my Archiving page located here . The Flipviewer Lite is a quick download but cannot see all of the formatting I have incorporated into the album, it does see about 90% though.

    There are several Web sites generated as FlipAlbums. My only interest is in promoting the Digital Photo Albums that I can create for my customers.

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    Hi Kevin,

    I downloaded the complete version and it worked fine once I figured out I just needed to click on a page to turn it. (The little page icon for the mouse cursor confused me. Duh.) I run Windows XP Pro and IE 6.

    A couple of comments:

    1. In the text above the download links you say that "FlipAlbumĀ® disks require no external software to operate." However, obviously to view the FlipAlbum demo on the web, users DO need to download the FlipAlbum SW. You might want to note that in order to view on the web they have to download the SW, but it's not necessary for the CD versions.

    2. WRT having to download the SW to view your demo. I don't know how most people feel about having to download something extra to view a webpage, but I usually choose NOT to. I did in your case so that I could give you some feedback on it. One thing that I was upset with is that it never asked me WHERE I wanted to download the file to. It just downloaded and installed in my C:/Programs directory. I absolutely do NOT like this since I have partitioned my hard drive into a few different partitions and have dedicated one partition to all of my program files. Now, FlipAlbum is installed on my C: partition, not my program files partition. Grrrrr! (I don't think this is your fault, but you might want to mention this so that people will know what they're getting into before they choose to download.)

    All in all, I think it's a good demo of the product and what you have to offer. I personally would not create my entire site with FlipAlbum (I don't think you're planning that anyway), but it is a good way to show people an example of your service and I think that's important, since many people won't really understand what you mean by "FlipAlbum" without seeing it first.



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      Hi Jeanie, I believe I might need to insert some instructions to point out the page flipping process. I am waiting to see what others reaction to it is.

      The Flipalbum CD's have the software on the CD-ROM. That is why I said that it requires no external software. It is auto-running and hopefully is self explainatory.

      I'm sorry about the software installation. I can place a link to download the software ahead of time but didn't know how that would be excepted. Guess now I know about that part of it. I will plan on giving the option if I keep the demo on the Web site. I'm leaving now to go out of town for the week. More Novell training that I really didn't want. Guess as I get older the idea of being away from home is less desireable.

      Thanks for the test on the demo. I hope I get some positive info about it, but I really didn't know how it would be perceived.

      I think I can keep in touch by using my Handspring Trio. Don't know what other internet access will be available. Thanks again Jeanie.


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        I guess no one else wants to test the FlipAlbum for me. I am going to make some changes when I get home. I think I will put the FlipAlbum on its own page and put in more viewing options.

        I talked with the publisher about the Mac viewing option. They say it is in the works. Thanks.


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          Still catching up after being gone for a few days...

          I think it's a good idea to put FlipAlbum on it's own page - and to offer the demo download separately.



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            Hi Jeanie. I'm trying to catch up too. I was gone all last week and I have a lot more to do. The fact that you were the only one to try the Flipalbum makes me wonder if I may be asking for trouble by putting this on the Web site. I guess it will be better to put up a page dedicated to it and allow users to do a manual install of the viewer if they desire.

            I need more time to fully exploit this application. I want to do a catalogue and an eBook, all it takes is time.


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