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    I'd like to create a website with the main focus being Photo Galleries. The advice I'd been given is to use Net Objects Fusion 7.0 because it works best for this type of site. Its also supposed to be easier to add more photos to in the future. However, from my understanding Net Objects Fusion 7.0 is a cold fusion type program and I heard that most web hosting sites don't support this or if they do, the monthly fee is quite a bit steeper than other web hosting companies. So....

    1.) Is anyone out there using Net Objects Fusion 7.0 for their web site?

    2.) If so what web hosting company are you using? Or does anyone know of a good web hosting company that can support cold fusion pages?

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide.

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    Netobjects Fusion has nothing to do with Coldfusion (at least it didn't a couple of years ago when I used it). It's just a WYSIWYG web editor that can be used with any web server.

    If you're just making a gallery, Photoshop's Web Gallery function might be enough for you. You might want to consider a non-software solution such as one of the many PHP galleries out there, as well.

    As for web servers, calculate how many images you'll be posting, because they can take up serious space and bandwidth. Don't trust webserver companies that offer unlimited space and/or bandwidth. Check out for deals and recommendations, but basically just don't go for the bargain webserver companies.

    I'd recommend (our server until we outgrew them a couple of months ago).
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