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  • What do you think I should do ?

    I joined this forum 15 seconds ago....
    I also just aquired GoLive6 (and a new G4 ).
    The question regards my homepage. It is very basic and has functoned for several years quite successfully, but somehow seems to look quite boring and with quite a few flaws (different image sizes among them).
    Although I'm very new on GL6, I think I should have an ambition to utilize it's possibilities to make a more fancy site.
    What do you think ?
    What can be done to make it more attractive ?
    Thanks in advance.
    The site:

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    For starters I would use a different backround color especially on the home page to set the photos off better. The backround you have now doesn't make the photos "pop" out.

    Then, I would redesign the home page. I'm guessing the main focus of the site is web galleries. I would suggest using just one large cutout image on the home page with maybe some writing overlaying it. This is how you would intially enter the gallery. Then I would have a set up similar to what you have on your home page as a way to enter each gallery. Next, I would pick a less "square" layout for the pictures in each gallery. I notice you have a lot of explanation about some of the photographs. Maybe when you click on the photo to enlarge it you could write more detailed info regarding each picture there?

    Just some ideas I'm throwing out...


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      Oh, one more thing.... let me know how you like Adobe GoLive6. It it easy to operate? Are you able to integrate it with Photoshop? Would you recommend it to others?


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        Thanks Beaner,
        Wise comments. A "stronger" entry and then a division into galleries keeping the number of images so low per page that it's still navigable... Comments on the images with the big ones. Yeah, that helps me on in the thought process.

        GoLive - as I said, I'm a newbie. Converting the old home page from Netobjects to GL was really easy, and so far it seems really easy to use. It's probably got a lot of possiblities that I don't use (or need - like drop down menues and so on), but, yeah it seems like something to suggest to you others. One important benefit is that it's got a really active e-mail list where newbies also can ask "stupid" questions. Some of the Adobe programmers are on it also and give really valuable help if you need it. Mostly over my head, but - heck - I've got a lot of other things to do...




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          I'm not suggesting that you limit the number of images on your page, but that you change the layout so that you don't have to scroll all the way down the page to keep seeing more.

          Maybe smaller thumnails laid out at least in vertical columns, but I was trying to get rid of the "squareness". Once you click on the image it would enlarge it and then you would put the comments and photo details on this enlarged page if possible.

          Another suggestion is that maybe you should utilize a slideshow option or at the very least when you do click on an image to make it larger you should have a navigational toolbar that says "next image" , "previous image" or "home". I've seen these options on other gallery sites so I know that they are available. Its much easir for web sufers to navigate galleries in this manner than to always have to go to the "back" key to look at another image.

          Also, I would definitely utilize a different font if possible for the home page.

          Hope this helps...


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