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How to remove the IMAGE TOOLBAR from IE! I have the answer ...

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  • jeaniesa
    Hi Daniel,

    Strange. I just checked my site (again) and couldn't get the image toolbar to come up either. Yay!!! But, I swear that it wasn't working before. So, I either had an auto update to IE in the meantime OR my browser cache wasn't cleaned out the last time I tested and I was actually viewing the pages without the meta tag. Whatever, I'm very glad that it's working now! (Thanks for double checking on that. I'm using IE6SP1 on WinXP Pro.)

    I had implemented the meta-tag stuff 2-3 months ago. I haven't had time to change all of my IMG tags. And if the meta tag solution is working for me, I'm not sure I want to take the time right now.

    Anyway, thanks for this thread. It's very useful info!!


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  • quarte
    Hi again,

    I've just visited your page (which i believe is the one where you used the code) and i couldn't see the toolbar come up in any picture.
    I had a look in your html code and i saw that you used the meta tag version. I had only tested the single picture code and it works.
    As mentioned in the previous reply, if don't use the most up to date I.E. it might not work ...

    Good luck!


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  • quarte

    Glad you tested it. If you followed the link that i gave in my post, you have probably seen a "NEW" logo beside the topic, which i believe means that this code is still under testing or development ..
    What browser do you use? Which platform? I use I.E. 6 with a Win XP and the technique worked in my computer ...
    Maybe if other people try it out and give their feedback, we might have a general idea of systems and configurations that this might work.
    If it proves to be inefficient, we'll have to find another solution ...


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  • catia

    I would think that would be the case.


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  • jeaniesa
    THANKS quarte! I sure hope this works. I added the meta tag to all of my pages a while back and they made absolutely no difference!! So, hopefully this new HTML tag will actually work. But won't it require a browser that correctly renders it?

    Last edited by jeaniesa; 10-17-2003, 11:44 PM.

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  • How to remove the IMAGE TOOLBAR from IE! I have the answer ...


    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this msg ...

    I never liked that small bar with 4 icons that appears in the top left hand corner of every picture when you visit a website. Once i started playing with my pictures and making websites, that toolbar (officially called IMAGE TOOLBAR) also became a threat, as became easier for people to save my images in their computers ...(not that my images are worth saving ..)
    While i could just r-click over that toolbar in my computer to make it disappear, i could not do anything about everybody else's computers ... or i thought so.
    I found an article in the Microsoft website teaching a very simple technique to disable that toolbar.
    Follow the link and have fun ...

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