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  • Finally finished it

    After many distractions and changing of direction, the new Web site is up. The 2 week job of a complete re-design took almost 6 weeks. If you get a chance to view it I would appreciate any comments. I have my wife helping me proof the grammar and spelling but all help is appreciated.

    Preserve your family story by transferring your old tapes, film, slides and photos to digital files.

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    I am impressed. A major change. I will PM you with some minor comments. Just out of curiosity, what development environment did you finally settle on. This doesn't look like it was done with FrontPage.

    BTW, is there a link to the Pricing page other than through the site map?

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      Hi Catia, I'm glad you caught the pricing page broken link. I completely overlooked that. I've corrected that problem now thanks to you. I'm not too happy with the "Site Map" but I guess if I want one without a lot more work I'll have to live with that one for now. I may later just draw a tree diagram with links.

      Yes it did start as a front page template though it has been highly modified. Thanks for your compliment, it took a lot of work to get this one like I wanted.

      I'm trying out a couple of new ideas with this site. I've been selling some of my pictures on ebay for a month or so. I thought I would include some of them here. I'm not sure how this Flipalbum promotion is going to be accepted though. Time will tell.

      Hey if you find any more problems let me know.

      Thanks Catia


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        Wow! looks like we need to dust the cob webs from this section. I know I've been gone for a while but I expected more interest than this.

        Well anyway I have now developed my 3rd Web site:

        was really my second site but it required a different type of setup than most sites so I guess you really can't count that one. is the one I just finished. I really learned a whole lot on this one. I now know why I'm not ranked by the search engines on my first site. So I will be going back and optomize and give it another chance.

        It's all about keywords.
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          Hi Kevin,

          Sorry I missed your first post on this. The first link on your last post is not working. If that's the one you're using, fix the link, then I'll give you a little feedback.



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            Originally posted by Ed_L
            Hi Kevin,

            Sorry I missed your first post on this. The first link on your last post is not working. If that's the one you're using, fix the link, then I'll give you a little feedback.

            Hi Ed, sorry I've been missing in action lately. The link sure is broken and I don't know why. Here is another version of that link.

            This is my eBay Store link which should be accessable through the link I posted. I'll have to see why it doesn't work.
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              Originally posted by KevinBE
     is the one I just finished.
              "a division of Restored Memories" Wow, Kevin -- you're a conglomerate!


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                Hi CJ,

                I certainly feel like one. Actually that statement was a requirement of my merchant account. I had to plainly state who owned the company because the Web site url wasn't the name of the actual company.

                Site number 4 is on the drawing board.


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                  OK... I'm going to get picky.

                  First off, some basic typos:

                  Please bare with us during this transition -> Please bear with us during this transition.

                  On the page Restoration Gallery,
                  Moderate scartches and chemical damage -> Moderate scratches and chemical damage
                  Major Restoration The fading was sever and at different rates across the picture -> Major Restoration The fading was severe and at different rates across the picture
                  Major Restoration Major fading and physical to this picture -> Major Restoration Major fading and physical what to this picture?

                  On the page Manipulation Gallery,
                  Greeting Card Greeting cards made from you picture -> Greeting Card Greeting Card made from your picture

                  As a general point, I think your examples could be a bit larger to give the full effect.

                  The Site Map doesn't really add anything in its current form.

                  And at the risk of being hated forever, I don't find the overall atmosphere of your site very professional - there's too much stuff going on and too many different frames and windows to get a highly professional impression. There is a nice friendly atmosphere, though, if that was more what you were going for.

                  I feel really bad now - but I'm a monitor-evaluator type so inclined to be overly critical, so please ignore anything that doesn't fit with your viewpoint.


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                    Hi Leah,

                    Thanks for your observations. I will definately take all into consideration. I do plan a re-work of that site as soon as the site has been submitted to the search engines.

                    Most of my efforts are on the water filter site right now. I hope to get the merchant account gateway working this week.


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                      Kevin, very nice website. In addition to the typos/problems that Leah pointed out (yes, people do notice that stuff!) I noticed on the "Digital Photo Archiving" page that both DISK and DISC are used interchangeably. I thought DISK was an internal storage device while DISC was the storage media. I may be wrong about which word to use, but using both words to mean the same thing is confusing in my opinion.

                      Another nit picky thing: on the pricing page the text in the "manipulation" and "archiving services" isn't right justified or evenly indented. I like the bullet effect on the upper sections as it gives it a much neater look.

                      The link to RESMEM.COM links to an "under construction" page. The link to your eBay store from that page is dead. I personally get frustrated with "dead" links.

                      I thought I would throw in my two cent's worth in case you were getting geared up to work on your site!


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                        Hi FannyMae,

                        Thanks for your comments. I do plan to make the needed revisions to that site. I haven't had the time to debug that site for a while. It's turn is comming soon. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since I initially wrote that site.

                        Thanks again,


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