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    hi all,
    I'm trying to create a page on my website to enable people to upload a file to my server for a quotation. I am using frontpage 2000 to create this page. I want to enable validation of all the fields in the form, i.e min / max characters, only numbers in the phone no. field etc. On the e-mail field, i want to validate it so that a valid e-mail address has to be entered, & also add a confirm e-mail field that has to match the first field. On the file upload field, i want to only allow .jpeg files up to a certian size to be uploaded. I want a confirmation page, to return the details that have been submitted in the form, & I also want an e-mail sent to me when a file is uploaded. Some of this can be achieved in frontpage, but other elements will need some sort of javascript. If there is anyone out there with the expertise to assist me, i would appreciate some help please!! My server will allow frontpage components to be run, but there is no facility for perl, cgi or php scripts to be run. Thank you.

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