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RetouchPro get together ????

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  • RetouchPro get together ????

    Ed had started a thread in the salon:

    "Guess who I had breakfast with ... "

    at the end of his post Ed asks "Wouldn't it be nice if we could have an RP get-together?"

    So I figured why not throw this out for a BASIC vote to the members. -- Doug made mention of the Events page in the thread (that is why I am posting here)
    If I am posting this in the wrong section - could a someone please move my thread to the correct location.

    So I guess the first vote would be;
    Is there interest in trying to work out a RP get together?

    Please feel free to offer your reason why you voted the way you did (optional)

    If interest is high we can then review location, format, 1day, 2days and so on.

    Then if it takes off -- the voluteers to help! LOL

    I have never done a vote thread so let's keep our fingers crossed I do this correctly.
    Not Sure

  • #2
    BTW: I just voted Yes

    I think it not only would be fun to meet any of you out there - I think what I would/could learn would be priceless.

    And for some reason I think my abs would get the workout of a lifetime laughing with you guys!!!!!!!!!!


    • #3
      You might get the workout of a lifetime laughing AT some of us!

      This is an interesting idea...perhaps it could coincide with a Photoshop or Digital Imaging conference in a large city? Or maybe we could all just meet at Ed's place and he can buy us coffee!


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        I'm not sure I could afford the plane tickets!


        • #5
          I can't afford the tickets, but I can sure get the coffee.



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            Now be careful some established events started out as meeting for coffee at someones house! So Ed how many coffee cups you own?

            Hmmmmmm - BBQ at Bi Al's or Flora's Who knows! lol

            Greg very good idea to combine with an event in a large city!


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              To vote you need to go to the top of this thread. I missed this the first time around.

              Hmmm.... very interesting. Where I work we have a training center (to small for something like this) but there are much larger training center in or around cities that would have computers ready to go. Oh what fun that would be. I like Chicago kind of central.



              • #8
                ALL RIGHT - who voted NOT SURE? *frowns*

                I'm all for having it in the Seattle area, for obvious reasons!

                I'll bring a bag of chips...


                • #9
                  I think we should have a BBQ at BigAl's place.

                  You're welcome. Spit roasted sheep over open fire and a nice large pot of vegetable curry for the vegetarians...

                  Like you getting here, me getting to Chicago would cost an arm and both legs


                  • #10
                    As long as the arm and legs don't go into the vegetable curry...
                    Learn by teaching
                    Take responsibility for learning


                    • #11
                      As long as the arm and legs don't go into the vegetable curry...


                      • #12
                        I'm all for it! (The get-together, not the arm & leg vegetable curry. )

                        Chicago would be best for me, although I would love to be able to visit Flora, BigAl, Jade, ... It's hard to get away from the little one, but Chicago would be a quick enough drive away that I think I could manage that one.


                        • #13
                          Hi all! Sounds like a good idea to me. A possible suggestion would be Photoshop World. If a get together is near a seminar or trade show some of us could write it off our taxes just like the big shots.

                          Helga votes for a visit to Ed's house then she could come and play with Princess and Hooch.



                          • #14
                            It sounds like a wonderful idea, and I'd love to be there. But the reality is, that unless it is nearby, and during a time when things slow down for me, I probably wouldn't make it.

                            If you do have a get together, I hope someone takes lots of pictures for any of us who don't make it.



                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Bob Walden

                              Helga votes for a visit to Ed's house then she could come and play with Princess and Hooch.

                              I hate to tell you this Bob, but Helga probably wouldn't enjoy herself. Princess flunked kindergarten (training classes) because of her dislike for other animals. She loves people though! (I can beg, borrow, or buy enough cups!)

                              Chicago would probably be the only place that I might have a chance of going. It's close enough to home, but family has to come first, and it's uncertain when I could get away. But the idea is GREAT! That would be a fun time.



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