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Dallas, TX area get-together

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  • Dallas, TX area get-together

    Well, with all this talk of RP get-togethers (hey, at least I learned about hyphenation!! ), I thought I'd drop a note to see who is in THIS area.

    I recently moved from the Bay Area of California, (hey, everything was great except for the costs!!!) and am now living in Aubrey, TX, which is about an hour N/NW of downtown Dallas.

    I'd love to see if there are any RP'ers (how original) out this direction who would be interested in getting together for photo ops/trips/expeditions or even just a beer (SOMETHING cold) and discuss/share retouching tips/tricks and portfolios.

    LOTS of country out this direction and wonderful horse country and me and my new Canon 10D are looking for more opportunities!

    Drop a line...I'd love the company!

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    Jeffrey --- My company just opened a division in Dallas - I am going to see if I can swing a "business" trip that way.

    I know they just sent down part of the IT team from Santa Barbra (closer than NJ) --- but hey they can't say no if I do not ask.

    Thanks for taking the first step and posting an invite!


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      Dallas area...

      Thanks Jill

      Do drop a note if you get in the area...finding other folks around here with the similiar interests PLUS being a RetouchPro comrade would be great.

      Are you in the IT field as well? I've been doing that for oh, let's just say, many years and am about to start looking for some IT work out this direction.

      Anyhow...thanks for the reply.


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        I'm in Texas, but about a six hour drive away from you. That's the great thing about this can drive for a day and still not meet a border!

        Maybe we should divide it into a North Texas and a South Texas meeting?


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          LOL...I know all about that, just coming from California, going North & South you can drive for DAYS before coming out in another state!

          I'm up for the Northern Texas group!!! Although I've got some family in the San Antonio area as well that wouldn't mind my coming that direction for a visit!

          Let's keep it ALL in mind!


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            <<LOTS of country out this direction and wonderful horse country >>

            Thats because Texas is Gods' country.



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              Yep John

              And (according to the signs) here in Aubrey, the heart of horse country!!

              Can you say, photo op?