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    Is this conference worthwhile for someone who is still learning his way around photoshop? Would one of the other seminars (which, please) be more beneficial?
    Thanks much, LJ

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    Hello again:

    This answer is a little different than the DPReview version due to the revelation that you're "still learning his way around photoshop."

    Based on my personal experience of learning (and still learning) Photoshop in a "piecemeal" fashion (a bit here, a bit there and every once in awhile "connecting a dot or two"), if I had to do it over again, I'd look for community-college type entry level programs that spans 3-4 (or more) weeks, where you'd get:
    * A structured, orderly approach to the learning
    * Hands on instruction
    * A real teacher
    * Time to do, absorb assignments and ask questions about lessions from class session to class session

    Photoshop World will offer many fairly brienf seminars on specific topics that for someone just learning Photoshop would be like drinking water from a firehose. While one with limited PS experience would surely learn "something," considering the seminar cost + travel/hotel (if you don't live in the area) I can't imagine the overall value being higher than a structured course covering the basics, which would enable one to connect a lot of dots earlier in the Photoshop learning curve.

    Another possiblity: If, say, there are no community college-like courses available, consider this. If you're looking for a comprehensive overview of Photoshop capabilities and mildly in-depth training program, the best I've seen is the Deke McClelland's Total Photoshop series (DVD or video). For about 1/2 the cost of the PSWorld tuition, you get the full set of tapes/DVDs. While you'd lose the advantage of an in person instructor, there would be the plus of playing the tapes as many times as necessary until you understood a particular topic or technique.

    More food for thought.
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