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2004 - 02-08 - 02-10 PEI Digital Conference-Dallas, TX

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  • 2004 - 02-08 - 02-10 PEI Digital Conference-Dallas, TX

    Photo Electronic Imaging
    Digital Conference
    February 8-10, 2004

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    Hi Jill,

    thanks for the info.
    I would love to go but ... errr I won't even be on the same continent. LOL
    I love PEI magazine though. I'm not a subscriber myself but they have a subscription at work and I'm an avid reader when it gets there. Lately though they are getting a lot into 3 D and I'm not even mastering 2D .
    Are you a subscriber? Do you own the copies from a few years back? When I got to know it a lot of the older files needed to do the tuts were allready gone from the site. I e-mailed them and was able to download them anyway, so if you need anything , just ask and I'll see if I have it.



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      back issues

      Gina, I believe back issues and tuts older then 3 issues are avalible on their site. Havn't been there in awhile but thats the way it used to work.



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        Hiya Bob,

        Yes you are right they are back on the site from june 2000, but I think I asked them to have even older ones since I'd scoured our library for all the copies they had of the magazine. They even have copies from many years before they changed their name.

        Now you really have to be a subscriber to get to the tutorial pages though!