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Photoshopworld - March1-3 2002 in San Francisco

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  • Photoshopworld - March1-3 2002 in San Francisco

    I am going, anyone else going to be there? - I would love to get together ...

    The tipping point for me in attending was discovering that Dan Margulis is doing two long programs on the LAB colorspace for color corrections ... I have been reading his book which is genius ... and really look forward to moving beyond just 'getting' the basics of LAB to kind of understanding it ...


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    Peachpit is giving out free passes for the March 2 day (2 per request) Just e-mail them and request them.

    [email protected]

    needless to say I'll be there looking for all the free goodies!

    Craig Carlson
    Sebastopol, Ca


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      re: Photoshopworld - March1-3 2002 in San Francisco

      Craig I requested passes but mail was returned as no such address can you think of why? Thanks Pat


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        re: Photoshopworld - March1-3 2002 in San Francisco

        Originally posted by lolli View Post
        Craig I requested passes but mail was returned as no such address can you think of why? Thanks Pat
        Old event... this thread is a couple years old. Next PSW is in Boston, I believe.


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