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  • hey tim

    for being a marine in the late 60's.

    i know not many were thanking you for it then, definitely not me.

    now with the benefit of years i see more what was being risked (life) and am humbled.

    this realization settled on me about 10 years ago and since have tried to thank the vets i meet, particularly those of the vietnam era.

    i do thank you.

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    Ah, now I understand. I can't really accept your thanks, however, because I received a medical/honorable discharge before ever being shipped overseas. I had volunteered at the height of that whole mess, so I always figured I did my part and being discharged was their call.

    The real heroes are the guys who did make it over there. Especially those who didn't come back.


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      for willingness and risk, the thanks are the same.


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