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hey sandy sanda from sydney

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  • hey sandy sanda from sydney

    what about those fires? near you? under control? and it's so hot already! hope you and yours are safe.

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    I've been wondering about that too. It really looks bad on TV. Hope everything's okay.



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      It's on the news as I read this and I can't help thinking of our friend Sanda too. Hope all is well for you there. I know what you must be going through just being in the vacinity. We had the fires near us a few years back. Sure is a scary event seeing the night skys lit up behind your house and smoke choking you out.


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        I too have experienced wild fires very near my house - even had the car packed with all of my family photos just in case we had to evacuate. Very unnerving. Hope you're doing OK Sanda.


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          Don't forget Matt Elder - he's in Sydney too.

          Hope you guys are okay - keeping fingers crossed that no-one gets hurt.


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            That's right Sam, we do have at least 2 from Sidney. I guess we will be relieved when they finally check in with us.


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              Thank you all for your concern, it's appreciated. The fire situation is very bad. We're not in danger here but there are some pretty bad fires only about 10kms away. The air is so full of smoke and embers we have been advised to stay indoors as much as possible.Most of the bad fires are in bushland which is inaccessable except by foot which makes the job of fighting the fires more difficult. They have been water bombing but the mountainous nature of the area makes it difficult to put out the fires. The beautiful mountains just near us are ablaze and many homes have been lost but luckily no human life has been, which is something we are all grateful for. Hopefully we'll get some rain soon and that'll help put the fires out.
              My family and I are safe and there is very little danger to us but we are praying for those less fortunate.


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                sandy, AND matt

                thoughts and prayers with you. it's one of those throws-everything-into-new-perspective experiences, i'm sure. hope you all come out somehow better for going through it. keep us posted.


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