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  • Just thought I would share...

    Took some pics Santurday night, well, early Sunday morning. THought I would share with you all. Think they are any good? You know, as insurance claim pictures go. Yep, my car got stolen. From right under our living room window and we never heard a THING (we live upstairs). Luckily we happened to look out at the noise of the neighbor coming home and so it had maybe at most been gone about 30 minutes. And fortunately, seems by eye the only damage was that the passenger side door lock looks rammed in a bit and the ignition was ripped out. UNfortunately, they HIT something on the underneath of the car somehow, and no telling yet the damage there.

    Now, we live in a small town, maybe at most and this is pushign it 15000 folks. THat night, there were 12 cars stolen, all of them Chrysler or Dodge products. Dunno what is going on round here, but it is not good for owners of these cars. One guy actualy had his vehicle stolen, with his sife;s wedding dress and his tux inside (they were married earlier that day). THe folks who took it drove it out to the country and SET IT ON FIRE!! Totally burned it up.

    BTW - that last pic, thats is my oil all over the ground...

    Gotta love the safety of small town Mississippi, right?

    Hope ya'll had a better weekend.

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    That is so sad! Glad you got it back and hope the damage isn't too great. Now you will have to think about it happening again, like a lot of the rest of us, instead of blissfully leaving your stuff where it belongs and thinking that other people will just leave it alone because it is YOUR stuff! I live in metro Phoenix which is the car theft capital of the U.S., I believe. When I was a kid (in the 50's), we left the door open at night with just a screen door (closed with a little hook latch) -- didn't worry and didn't need to worry. Don't remember just when things changed here, but I know that I lock the door behind me every time I enter my own home, and have been doing that for decades.

    I miss some parts of the "good ol' days"...


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      I'm very sorry this happened to you, Dawn.

      Originally posted by 1STLITE
      Think they are any good? You know, as insurance claim pictures go.
      I suggest you make no modification at all to the photos; no cropping or adjustment. This is the age of photo manipulation as we all know, especially here. As this is claim support and not proof, this should be enough. This article should be interesting to you anyway.

      I hope those responsible are caught. It won't undo what happened to you, but it will help.



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        Thank you for your symapthy, CJ. ANd thanks to PanPan for your input, I do appreciate it. But, I guess it did not come across clear enough. The asking if they were good was sarcasm - lol. Unless you were trying to be funny,,then maybe I am misinterpreting you - Me just being ticked about having this happen, and wanting to whine, so you know - go to my home page friendly RTP folks and ask for a "critique" of my claim pics. Ok, maybe it was not as funny as I initially thought.

        Well, the cops released my car today. Come to find out that what was spilling from my car may actually be transmission fluid along with some oil, so at this point I have no idea if I will EVER get my baby back. Two things you don;t mess with - my kids and my car!! It is my third child (well, mabe fourth after my fiance - hehe).

        From what I have been told they have got all or all but one of the KIDS who did this. Apparently some kid from DC came down here and gave our backwoods teenagers a lesson in the miracles of Chrysler theft. Which Chrysler seems to have known about since at least 03. Apparently none of the several theft deterrant systems my car is supposedly equipped with actually WORK! Good thing I foudn this out now, you know.

        Ok, I am not mad. I'ma gonna go to bed now. I am sure I will "see" ya'll tomorrow. Thanks for listening to me whine.



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          Hi Dawn,

          We had our car stolen from the drive about 8 yrs ago. First time we knew it was gone was friends called round and asked where the car was.

          We never got it back. Luckily it was a company car, so it didn't cost us anything, the company just hired us a car, and ordered a new one. So pretty painless.

          But its a real shock that you didn't hear anything (although it was taken very early in the morning). Like you we live in a small village, and like you it seems to have been a "steal to order" job, as another 5 cars were stolen that night, all high performance hatchbacks like ours.

          So you have my heartfelt sympathy, I can really say I know how it feels.



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            In a very much lighter vein, reminded me of the very first post of the chuckle thread - "but we fixed it with Photoshop"


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              Ah, Ro. If only it were so simple - lol.

              Gary - WHat I find to be about the saddest part of the whole thing is that it was just teenagers doing this, and apparently just to see if they could do it. They would pick one up and just joy ride in it, leave it where it ran out of gas, that or just destroy it. There was absolutely no purpose behind any of it. Just meanness.



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                Yes that's pretty sad, in my case it was an organised operation done for pure monetary gain.

                In both situations wouldn't you just want to see justice to be a bit more visible.

                I'm not suggesting putting offenders in the stocks is a viable punishment, but it must of given great satisfaction to the victims being able to pelt their persecutors with rotten fruit and veg. I know I'd of liked to have thrown a few if they'd ever caught the low lifes who'd nicked mine.

                Oh well, you can dream.

                Hope you don't have too many problems from the damage they did.



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                  Gary, I woudl vote for that any day. As it is they were teenagers who we are not even being told the names of or being allowed to sign papers against. They will go to Juvenile Court and get a slap on the wrist for no telling how many tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. I am not one to cry sue over just about anything, but I am depating whether we, thow whose cars were stolen, as a group shouldn't go after the parents of them, the ones who stole and damaged the cars, as a group.

                  But, I think more than anything, I would just like to be given an apology.

                  The shop is towing the car in tomorrow morning, so keep your fingers crossed for me.



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                    Agree with you totally, there's too much of this "Kids aren't responsible for their actions", if they're old enough to steal a car and drive it away, they're old enough to take responsibility for their actions, and I mean full responsibility.

                    Made to make full apology, face to face with victim. Made to make full financial reparation to said victim (if this means they have to take out a loan putting them in financial debt, then so be it). Finally bound over to desist from further theiving, with the imposing of severe custodial sentences for any further offences.

                    Good luck with the car.

                    Last edited by Gary Richardson; 08-25-2005, 02:03 AM.


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                      I see we are on the same page, Gary.

                      Thanks for the well wishes. They came and got the car a couple hours ago, so we will see what happens.



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                        Yeah well, had to draw the line at suggesting a public scourging followed by amputation of the thief's hands, thought it might be a touch over the top for a possible 1st offender (though perfectly acceptable for repeat offenders).lol.

                        Best of luck,