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  • hey sam

    hey sam

    glad you liked 'em. she looks like me till you see her daddy.

    vikki made the suggestion way back that people use photos for avatars, which i thought was a fine idea, except by then i had already bonded with my avatar. speaking of which, am i gonna have to make a duplicate layer of yours and horizontal flip? you know that never comes out symmetrical. or rather, we never are symmetrical, so that looks weird. come out from behind that camera and let me see you.

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    Oh DEAR ... now I wish I'd kept my big mouth shut! I like hiding behind the camera - makes me feel safe!

    I'm only doing this if everyone else does too.

    Okay - deep breath - here goes ...
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      Wow Sam, you're a brunette! For some reason I had you pegged as a blonde. You look great. Sure envy your equestrian skills. I never knew exactly what your avatar was besides half a face hiding behind something. I thought it was cool but figured you found the image somewhere and used it as your avatar.


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        How dare you ride that horse with four sprained ankles !


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          I only have two ankles.


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            Funnily enough I was sat in the front lounge of the Creag Mhor hotel overlooking the estuary at Ballachulish a couple of weeks ago, rain kept us off the hills.


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              DJ - You had Sam pegged as a blonde. Idiot me had "Sam" pegged as a guy!

              Sam - Don't ever hide behind the camera. As Jimmy Cagney, one of my favorite old time actors of all time, used to say...."You are one snappy looking dish!"


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                Before you go feeling like a fool, we all thought Sam was a guy. That little tidbit came out long time back in thread that stunned us all. They used to think my sexual identity was a surprise but Sam blew us all away.


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                  My phone keeps disconnecting every two minutes - it's infuriating.

                  DJ - thanks for the kind comments. I thought about being a blonde once and tried it out, but the results were something best forgotten!

                  Chris - the piccy was taken in the days before the bridge was built. We used to take the ferry there to get to my grandmother's (on the west coast of Argyll). It seemed such a great adventure to us when we were kids. Happy memories.

                  Tim - what a sweet comment! Nice guy! (You're not the first one to think I was a bloke ... see earlier thread where the true genders of various ambiguously-named members are revealed!)

                  Now, everyone ... it's YOUR turn! No ducking out now!!


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                    Whew! Thank you DJ and Sam for clearing this up and letting me off the hook.

                    Sam, just took my first close look at your avatar, and now see the feminine features lurking behind the camera. Guess I should have looked a little closer before.


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                      thanks. you truly do have to take a deep breath first. speaks about how we judge each other, doesn't it. but lordy child, you had nothing to fear.


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                        I never went across the ferry the only time I was up there when it was operating we finished up going by Kinlochleven because of the wait. I think a lot of Scots dislike the demise of the ferries, I remember a local in the Kinlochbervie hotel saying the bridge at Kyleakin north of Ullapool was a disaster letting too many southerners into the area. By southerners he meant anybody south of Kyleakin !


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                          Since Sam said she was "only doing this if everyone else does," I thought I'd live up to my end of the "bargain." So, here goes. I really don't like many photos of myself - esp. when I was little. So, you get to see me sporting some fabulous pants. (I must have liked them - I'm wearing them in all of my pictures at that age! ) The "now" picture was taken with one of my little friends in Viet Nam - he's not my son as others have assumed when seeing that photo.

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                            Well done, Jeanie - BRAVE girl (it's scary, isn't it?). I see you had a front-tooth problem at 7 as well.

                            That's a lovely photo of you with the little Vietnamese boy in the "now" pic - you look great. What fabulously blue eyes you have!! Lucky girl!


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                              Chris - Kyleakin is south of Ullapool! I totally agree with the Kinlochbervie local - allowing all these barbarian southerners to despoil the delicate Highland wilderness with their 4x4s, Goretex anoraks and grating accents. Oh sacrilege!

                              But the last time I visited Skye (in '97) I have to admit it was a pleasure to be able to scoot quickly over the bridge, instead of having to hang around for the boat ... we get so impatient with our fast-paced modern lives, don't we?


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