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    Thought I would drop a post in here and introduce myself. I am Keith Wood and live in the central part of North Carolina (Brown Summit, right outside Greensboro).

    I'm 40 years old, and work as a Senior Systems Analyst. I've had photoshop for about three years now (currently stuck on V5.5). I found my way hear through Katrin Eismann's book/web-site and it seems like a place I will enjoy being in.

    I'm sure I will look and listen more than I speak. I've already learned some neat stuff from here.

    Better get back to work.


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    Welcome to the site Keith. I toss in the odd contribution from the other side of the pond.


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      I've spent a bit of time over in Ireland (both Northern and Republic) with my former employer. I found the people and the scenery to be very wonderful.

      I hope to be able to get back over and so dome more looking around in other parts.

      My wife's maiden name is Flanagan, and I was able to bring her over for a week, and we went on holiday. She simply fell in love with the place.


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        I've spent a lot of time in NI and the Republic. Things are warming up a little in NI at the moment but whats new !


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          Hey Keith
          Welcome aboard. Glad to have you join us and don't be afraid to join in with some any tidbits. We don't have to be perfect here just connect with each other and do the best we can and mostly just have fun.


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            Hi Keith,

            Glad to have you aboard. Why don't you also post in the "introductions" thread? That thread will stay around, while this thread will eventually disappear in the pile. Hope to see more posts from you. Feel free to jump in, and remember that old posts are also open for new discussion.



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