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  • Moving...

    Hi everybody,

    after nearly one and a half year of living off suitcases, our new place seems to be ready for us to move in ....

    The whole procedure has kept us very busy from time to time but tomorrow, Monday the 12th, our furniture will arrive and the final step will begin...

    Wish me luck .... and see you all as soon as I can...

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    Good luck with your move, hope it all goes smoothly for you.



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      Thank you so much Gary!!!

      It's pouring Today ... I don't even want to think at the added mess if it will be like this Tomorrow!!!!


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        Best of luck with the move Flora.

        Last time we moved we were in a small flat for six months because we had sold our old house and had to move out before we could move into the new one.
        I was a very stressful time. But it’s all worth it in the end.

        Happy new Home.



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          All the best !!

          Well Flora I join in the best wishes in your new home and that the moving could go as smoothly as possible.

          Best regards - Martha


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            I HATE moving!

            I hate moving! It's hard packing up at one end and unpacking at the other end. Even though you hire big strong folks to help, you still have to take care of your special treasures, and decide where everything goes, and take care of all the "little emergencies". It is stressful, it always takes more time than you figured, and you're very tired when you're done.

            It is worth it since you are moving into a home of your dreams, but it's still hard work -- take care to rest your "pointing finger" (put that over in that corner, please) every once in a while, don't get into any arguments with family, friends, or workmen -- everyone is under stress and just looking for an excuse to stop working and argue for a few minutes, and take some time off AFTER everything is finally done to relax -- THEN you can look around at your wonderful treasures in your new wonderful home and truly be joyous that you made this move.... AND that you won't have to do it ever again, at least for ten or 15 years.


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              Ken, Martha, CJ,

              Thank you very much for your 'good luck' wishes!!!!


              I'll try to keep in mind your advice.... I'm sure I'm going to need it!!!!!


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