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    Hello! Someone mentioned this site in a Photoshop newsgroup the other day and I figured I would come have a look. I am impressed! This looks like a great bunch of people.

    My name is Greg Couch and I reside in Asheville, NC. I am an artist by training, but my day job is at a sign company. I started to use a computer for making art about a year and a half ago and have really started to get serious about it within the past six months. I have also started retouching old photos as a way of making some money on the side and have found my drawing skills often come into play in many retouch jobs. So far it has been a lot of fun and I have found that the easiest way to learn is to jump right in!

    I know I can learn a lot from this site and hopefully, contribute a few things here and there.

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    Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here. What you heard on the newsgroup is correct. This *is* a great where you can learn much, test out your skills, and meet some nice people in the process.

    Hey, what could be better than that!


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      Hello Greg!
      I have learned so much from this group, and all nice people


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        Glad to have you Greg. There's a lot of good people here, and the knowledge base just keeps getting better and better. Everyone is willing to share what they know, and that's what makes it so good.



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          Welcome aboard Greg. Glad you joined our little site. I can honestly say, before this site, I had a list as long as my arm of Photoshop sites and forums and I rarely wrote anything because I was afraid of asking dumb questions or in several cases just being ignored. Ths site was so different and I soon found out no question is dumb and although some threads might get lost sometimes, that's a glitch we are working on but usually the members here go to great lengths to help you or just refere you to a place to get help and that alone makes it worth the effort to check in often. Hey it's the cheapest and funnest way to learn image editing I can think of.

          Once I hopped on this site, no ones been able to shut me up.


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