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    ah, you thought this was about baseball. well, it isnt. i was wondering if anyone else is following the world series of poker. quite a tournament! the prize this year is 7.5 million dollars u.s. 5619 folks entered, each paying a $10,000 entry fee. the field is down to the last 27 as of tonight. well, it's actually already over and this is simply the edited, televised airing of the event.

    with over 5600 folks entering at $10,000 a pop, that means that there is over 56 million in chips on the tables and the bets are growing. it's quite a sight to watch someone bet $1.3 million in chips in a single hand and come next week, that may be considered a small bet with only 27 folks sharing all those chips.

    it airs on espn tuesday nights and even if you dont see it this first time around, i'm sure the whole event will be re-run. and for those not initiated to this world's largest poker event, the game is no limit texas hold-em, which means if you have $20 million in chips you can bet it ALL! quite fascinating to watch.


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    Although I don't understand the game's nuances or strategies, watching the players is facinating. There are some very diverse and interesting personalities, much like the people who participate in forums, I guess.


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      They have quite the bunch of "characters" around those tables. But it is always fun to watch someone bet over a million dollars in chips on one hand!!! (I would never have the guts to that!)