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  • Doug's decorations

    Just yesterday I was thinking about Doug's decorations of the RP header last year and this morning, voila, he's at it again. Thanks, Doug, it helps to make the season bright!

    Happiest of holidays to everybody, worldwide!


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    They look lovely don't they!!!


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      They were contributed by several users. There's a thread around here about it, but I can't seem to find it. But I'm happy to spread some seasonal cheer.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Where are they? I do not seem to be able to see them?? Are they in the home page?? Neb??


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          I love Holiday decorations! Thanks, Doug.


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            Lovely and cheerful !!

            Thanks Doug !

            I noticed it too the other day and I just love those little details and all the xmassy decorations.

            Since some time ago (a year to be precise) I have a special doodle/interface dedicated for Christmas. I am including below the link to the page where it is placed. If you care to visit just be patient, for some reason not all the effects work as intended. It works fine in Dreamweaver and IE in my pc but when uploading it gets too sluggish.

            Well it is a Best Wishes for the Holidays for all the fellow members and Doug and the excellent team of mods.

            Best regards - Martha

            Xmas Greetings HERE


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              Hi, love the Christmas decorations....think its a magical time...

              Kind regards Patricia Kay


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                There back thanks Doug


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