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  • Cool site!

    EVERY site ever made is being archived! Check this one out-, april 11, 2001

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    (this will be one of those sites that everyone else on the planet knew about except me!)


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      They call it the Web Wayback Machine

      It's a lot of fun, and I've actually gotten a lot of serious use out of it. They're trying to archive all websites from now forward, but their archive from about a year ago back is very spotty (but still better than we had before they went online).

      Go search for your very first website. It might still be around there
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        That's neat Greg. I always thought they should keep track of the internet sites some how but never knew someone took on that monumental challenge. Thanks for the info.


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          Then again, some of that 'way back when' stuff is probably best forgotten ...


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            I have to agree with Sam. Kinda scary!



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              Good find, Greg! I'd run across the Wayback website recently but hadn't tried it out -- seeing the original RetouchPro makes me even more grateful to Doug for all the improvements he's worked on to make this site offer so much and work so well.


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                Do they store files too? Wouldnt that take up way to much data.


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