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    I put this in Salon, because this is an exercize in pure fantasy. Let go of reality, and dream:

    No holds barred, no limits other than your knowledge of the marketplace, what is your ideal retouching/restoration system? Name names. We want brand names, even model numbers. And don't limit it to hardware. Include whatever you'd want in your zillion-dollar retouching station.
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    Ok, here goes!

    Monitor- Sony 24" Trinitron GDM-FW900 - Who needs 2 monitors when you can have this monster! Of course, you might have to reinforce your computer desk since it weighs almost 100 lbs!

    Scanner- CreoScitex EverSmart Supreme (one can only dream...) Oh, and someone to spend a month showing me the ins and outs of the software! This scanner is probably way more than I need.

    I'll add some more stuff later...I need to research digital cameras, and decide on a good PC.


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      oooh 24" monitor! I haven't even heard of those.
      ok here's my dream setup:

      biggest monitor I can find (the 24" monitor greg mentioned sounds awesome)
      Dual processor (probably AMDs) 2.2 Ghz each
      a few gigs of DDR ram
      2 160 GB 10,000 RPM Hard drives
      128 MB Geforce 4 vido card
      TV Tuner
      Soundblaster Audigy Platinum
      at least 32X Cd writer (preferably 48X)
      DVD writer
      OC3 internet connection
      cordless keyboard and mouse
      Wacom tablet
      Logitech 400 watt THX surround sound speaker system
      Epson perfection series scanner
      Epson 2200P printer
      Minolta DiMAGE 7i digital camera

      Triple boot, Mandrake Linux, Windows XP, Windows 2000,
      Photoshop 7

      well thats what I'd buy if I had huge amounts of money sitting around

      - David


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        Forgot all about this thread...

        Nice stuff David! I like those THX speakers...although I doubt the neighbors would. You should add a Plasma TV for those times when you want to watch a DVD on something a bit bigger than the wimpy 24" monitor.

        Just add a mini-fridge and a microwave and you are good to go!



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          Originally posted by G. Couch

          Just add a mini-fridge and a microwave and you are good to go!
          yep then I'd never even have to leave the room

          - David


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            and don't forget the feeding tube and catheter
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              I'll skip the Dad just had one for a few days due to prostrate problems...not fun at all!

              David - pardon my ignorance, but what is an "OC3 internet connection"? I've heard of T1, ISDN, cable, etc... OC3 must have escaped me!


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                and don't forget the feeding tube and catheter
                no thanks, I'll skip those two even if it does mean leaving the room!

                Greg - I hadn't heard of OC3 either until a few months ago. I thought T1 was fast but it's nothing compared to OC3, you can get speeds up to 155 Megabits per second!!!

                - David


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                  I put "OC3 internet connection" on my Dream Setup list, but I'll change that to OC-48 (just found out about it) - speeds up to 2.45 Gigabits a second!

                  - David


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