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Hey lookies its me !!!

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  • Hey lookies its me !!!

    Well well well !! Guess who's back !!!! Its been a long long time since i last stepped foot in this place, but after some careful consideration, i think it is about time i made an appearance and started to write to odd tutorial again.

    Does anyone actually remember me ? lol

    Look forward to getting back in the swing of what have i missed ?

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    Hey, Axle...

    We've missed your wit, expertise and creativity. Welcome back!



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      Originally posted by Axleuk
      ...Does anyone actually remember me ? lol

      Look forward to getting back in the swing of what have i missed ?

      Ohh, you're remembered, Axle! Remember, you had a thread dedicated to your absence once when you weren't feeling well -- so we're glad that you're back!


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        Sorry Mate, not a clue who you are. Have you been here before?


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          Hi Axleux!

          Welcome back!


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            Hi, Axle, welcome back.

            An odd tutorial seems like fun!


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              Who can forget, goodlucking and debonair, oh thats me, but hey i remember you too! ;p


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