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  • Belgium in the house ...

    Hello all!
    Glad to be here, I was actually lookin' for a "problem"thread with 0 replies so I could start my career here @ retouchpro as a helpful guy but thnx to the gigantic time-zone difference I am again too late to do any good.
    I gave up hope to find a forum with mostly european ppl. This would be easy when having a prob that can't w8. I already was a member at adobe's fora, but I guess that I have more chance running (surfing) into some1 who's awake when I visit more forumz (fora?)
    When I started lookin' around over here, I saw locations from all over the world so why not add Belgium to the list. I am actually half belgian / half dutch. "but hey ... what's the difference?" I heard an american once say
    yeah yeah ... Belgium is the little spot between Holland, Germany and France.
    My english isn't perfect so if I mistyped, don't bother telling me.
    I am lookin forward to get in touch with the nativezz over here so please talk back



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    Not a native, but "Hi" anyway. You sound suitably madcap to fit in just fine here ... Oops! Did I say something I shouldn't??

    At last, someone else on the same time zone ...



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      Hey Dennis
      Glad you joined us. Yes we do have a world wide membership here. Even as far away as Austrailia.

      I used to live in DePinte Belgium, just outside of Ghent for 2 years. I really miss it there. It's a beautiful place and the people are so nice. I did feel kind of dumb around them though because even the children seemed to master several languages when I could barely master one.

      Look forward to hearing alot more from you on this forum. I agree with Sam, you sound like you will fit in just fine here with all the characters we have on this site, including me.


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        Welcome from Washington State.
        We sure do have quite an assorted group! All nice folks


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          HI and welcome from Australia. they are a great bunch of people in this group I'm sure you'll like it here.


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            Hey Dennis - glad to have you aboard. Hope you didn't get wet comin' over.



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              thnx ppl 4 already makin' me feel @ home