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Just in case you're wondering where I am...

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  • Just in case you're wondering where I am...

    Sorry I've been so silent the past week. I learned about two weeks ago that I had to make a trip to Viet Nam - and I'm writing from there now. It's been a whirlwind trip so far (I actually picked up my tickets and passport/visa at the FedEx office on my way to the airport!) and the connections here are painfully slow, so I just haven't had the time to keep up with the forums.

    It's the big Lunar New Year (Tet) celebration in Viet Nam this week and my first time to be here at this time. The entire country is shutting down this entire week and I'm blessed to be sharing it with one of my former student's family. It's doubly fun right now because I brought my laptop with me and have just logged in from my friend's house - the very first time they've accessed e-mail (or had a computer) in their house - so it's causing a bit of excitement.

    Hopefully I'll be able to check into the forums towards the end of the week, but I'm afraid I'll be hopelessly behind by the time I have a chance to really spend some time with it. Perhaps I'll just check in with "reports" of the holiday on this thread from time to time.

    Till next time, Jeanie

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    You're on vacation at the other side of the world, yet you find time to check in with us. How cool

    Hope you have a blast. Details, woman, we need details!
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      We will miss you but you can certainly make it up by posting some good pictures of your time too. Have fun and we will wait to hear about all the details when you return.


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        Jeanie, that's great! Give our best wishes to your friends over there. How long do you expect to be gone?