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RP's first "Free Dog" thread

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  • RP's first "Free Dog" thread

    I'm posting this because I know there are members who live not too far from me.

    We have a female German Shepherd (see attachment) that we need to find a good home for. She makes an excellent family dog, and she loves everyone from babies to senior citizens. But she doesn't get along with other dogs.

    Sunday afternoon, she got into a fight with our other German Shepherd. I broke up dog fights 4 times since last summer. This time I got one thumb chewed up pretty good, and the other thumb badly sprained while breaking up the fight. We are now keeping them seperated, and it's not fair to them that 1 of them can't be in our company while the other gets all the attention.

    We've had her over 3 years, and we'll be very picky who we let her go to. If we don't find a suitable home for her, she'll stay right where she is. If someone is interested, but they live too far away, I would be willing to meet them halfway if it's not too much of a drive. But you'll have to convince me that she'll have a good home. She's really a great dog around people. I always say she's a German Shepherd with the disposition of a Golden Retriever. The arrow shows a baby's hand touching her.

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