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    Big Al,

    I looked at your web site and was quite impressed with "Tent on Maolotja". That looked like it took some work.


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    Thanks for kind words Sharon

    The hardest part was getting my wife from the back of the pick-up into the chair. (For the purists, she's using her wrong hand in the chair ).


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      wow, I have to agree---that's the best re-creation I have seen to date. You managed to get the lighting spot on, but what I like the best is that you didn't try to re-create a formal shot, this is a creation of an informal snapshot. Well done!


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        After all the talk about the website, I had to have a looksee. Excellent job on the lighting and shadows. It must have taken a while to produce something like that.



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          You all peaked my curiosity so I checked it out too. That was well worth the time to take a look. You do wonderful work BigAl. I agree with the others in the tent scene. Excellent attention to details. Glad you joined this site. Can see we can learn a few things from your expertise.


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            Fantastic work! I see you're a lecturer at the University of Pretoria - I studied fine art at UNISA! It's a great city (well I thought so - not really being a city person)

            Good to have you on board.


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              Thanks for kind words everyone. Believe it or not, the "Tent on Malolotja" was one of my first attempts at manipulation. If you look carefully at the pic of me, you'll see it has a green cast (3 different cameras for the 3 pics). I was too stoopit in those days to bother overly much with color correction. I also messed up the rope above my wife's head (and of course, who needs a white point!).

              For those interested, the pic that Margulis used was the first Kudu here

              BTW, I was a bit worried when this thread was moved off its original one. Thought there was a problem with the university's cache in that I couldn't find anything from Sharon's mail on. From the email from RetouchPro, I knew there were more


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                Big Al
                This thread was started from the old thread because Doug sometimes starts new threads when we go off topic. If he catches it in time and if they can be cleanly cut from the old thread. It makes it easier for others to follow a thread without being thrown off track and it puts the off track subject in it's own thread for easier locating. Sometimes it's not possible to break up the tread that way, so it's best to try and avoid the situation. However we are humans and tend to converse in forums as we do in normal life but it's not always that simple to fix and it's easy to get off track as I found out a few times myself.
                There's been a number of times I've read a good tip or some info I wanted to relocate and couldn't because it was burried in an unrelated Thread topic. It's not anything to worry about, I just wanted to explain what happened. It actually turns out better because now more will see this thread a visit your gallery to see your excellent work.


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                  BigAl, if that is one of your early attempts at compositing, I am even more impressed. I have also created "group photos" from singles, but don't think I could manage your expertise with transferring your wife from the ground to a chair -- it really looks like an original photo. Very good work!


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