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    Several times Tom has mentioned things concerning ethical considerations and business practices. It was one of his recent posts that led me to express my feelings about this group, and it shows what kind of person he is.

    Tim has been *very* successful in business, and he's been willing to share his views on business practices with us.

    DJ has put in a *lot* of work to make this site successful, and she is more than willing to help others by sharing her expertise on restoration.

    Heather mentioned that it is not "all about money". That says something about her character.

    Jeanie travels half way around the world to try to make life a little better for people.

    I only mention a few of the people who make this site so special. There are so many others I have not mentioned.

    Recently, I sent a copy of Photodeluxe to Jill because it was just gathering dust in my house. She wrote back asking me for my address so she could make sure the kids sent a thank you note to me. This was not necessary, but it really gave me a renewed confidence in humanity knowing that there are actually people who try to raise children in a positive environment.

    And of course, Doug made this site available for all of us to enjoy.

    When you turn on the news or read the daily paper, you always see things about the other side of life -- drug wars, killings, rip off artists, etc. You read about the collapse of Enron and other companies which it seems was due to the greed of a few people. Something very similar to this has led to the collapse of the company I retired from, and I can tell you firsthand that there are a lot of people suffering because of it.

    The people who frequent this site give me a good feeling, knowing that they are the ones who never make the headlines for their contributions in life. It's kind of like picking up a newspaper where everything you read takes a positive note. Just knowing there are people around who care more about doing what's right, and not putting so much emphasis on the almighty dollar, really makes my day. Yes, there are a lot of good people left on this earth, even if you don't hear about them.

    Thanks very much to everyone I mentioned, and to the rest of you who fit into the group because you share the same type of ideals. You make life worth living.


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    Wow, that was a beautuiful sentiment Ed. Thank you for the kind words. I agree, I tend to visit this site alot for the same reasons you mentioned.
    I really believe the good people out weigh the bad by a tremendous amount but unfortunately they are not big news. The news can really become overwhelming and depressing. It's nice to have a retreat in places like this.
    I salute the wonderful members who have joined out little group here, they're really special.


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      What a great way to start the day, thanks Ed.
      I learn soooo much here but that isn't my main reason for checking in anymore, I really like and appreciate all of you. The positive atmosphere is a great boost everyday.


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        I agree, I visit this site daily not only for the creative talent and great info, but more importantly for the positive atmosphere. It’s almost family-like. You smile, laugh, and even learn a few things from each other. Overall this forum is just a great bunch of people!



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          Wonderfully put Ed. It is a most unique and rare group here and as others of similar outlook find their way to this site, magical things will only continue to happen. Tom


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            This group is a special place with people of talent, heart, and humor. (Doug, I've been wanting to mention in some thread that I love your new avatar -- so I'll do it here): I love your new avatar!


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              So now I'll have to de-lurk since everyone's asking "what avatar?"

              RetouchPRO has evolved differently than I'd initially imagined it. But it has turned into something so much better than I'd planned.

              The amount of sheer time investment you guys make sometimes scares me a bit. But the level of support and user interaction here is superb, and I have very little to do with that.

              Since I feel like I'm making an Oscar speech here I'll conclude by thanking our moderators: DJ, Ed, and Tom. I'm not real good with the social stuff, and this is a social site. Without them we'd never have gotten here, and without their and everyone else's friendly support there'd be no hope of a future.

              Thanks, everyone, and you ain't seen nuthin' yet!
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                I'm not new to computers - I worked for 20 years as a programmer and later analyst - but now I'm being put out to pasture so to speak and decided to try my hand at photo restoration as a way to make some extra cash (the rent needs to be paid) and I wondered how long it will take me to learn PhotoShop on my own.

                After stumbling across your great site, I now know that I don't have to learn on my own, I have all you great folks willing to help.

                I look forward to the day when I will have something to contribute...



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                  Welcome aboard Margaret. I think you will be helping sooner than you think. It's not always about Photo restoration here. It's about computers, software, education and just connecting with like minds. So brave the waters and come on in.


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                    You're right on the money with your comments Ed, this is a wonderful group. I orginally came here for the tips and insights into photo restoration but now I keep coming back for the people. I feel that there is such a great bunch of people here and I fee at home. The kindness and friendship shown in this group would be hard to match anywhere else, I appreciate you all. We don't always agree on everything but I think that's just part of life and it would be dull and unproductive if we all agreed all the time.
                    It's usually my first stop on the net each day and I return at regular intervals through out the day.I love reading what you all are doing each day.


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                      great group

                      I agree with everything that has been said about this site. I have been learning online for the past three years and I have been impressed with how generous people have been of their time and knowledge. I do not frequent the normal chat groups, but I have not seen the same level of cooperation that is in this forum. The now defunct ZDU/SmartPlanet online courses had the same spirit of cooperation. It was a wonderful way to start my online experience.

                      I have always felt that most people are nice, but that the unpleasant ones get most of the attention. It is very satisfying to know that you have helped other people. I am always a little nervous when I offer advice to people, but it is very rewarding when it actually helps them.

                      I have been running a retail appliance business in NYC for the past 36 years. We have been able to survive against the big chains by following the same principle of helping people.

                      I’ll be retiring in about two years, but I intend to remain active in business consulting. However, my real loves are travel, history and photography. I’ve just purchased a Nikon coolscan 4000, but it has not arrived yet. I’ll post my comments about it in the scanning forum once I get going.



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