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  • What's in a name?

    With all the new members joining I got curious about how we all came by our User Names. Many of us have chosen avatars also that reflect some whimsical part of ourselves. So I was wondering how we chose our user names and what our avatar is if we have one and why that.

    To start this off, I'll say I chose DJ for the simple reason that it stands for my name Debra Jean and it was so much easier to type especially with that long last name. As for my avatar, it's a signature I came up with. Mine's pretty self explainatory but some of them really have me curious.

    Also, Doug, I like that avatar. It speaks volumes but after awhile, my head starts to throb and I just can't figure out why.

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    My user name is self explanatory. My avatar reflects my passion for cleanliness!



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      I picked my user name because it is my name and that way if I forgot it, I could look at the tag my wife sews into my shirt. Old age you know....I picked my avatar looked like a cow. Really!! Tom


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        My username name

        I wasn't going to use an avatar, but I saw this one posted somewhere and it struck a chord.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          Umm, I'm kinda with DJ on your avatar Doug. I know I'll sound old, but it's hard to read with something flashing. Can you slow it down?

          I use my real name. And now my real pic.

          Hello Everybody. Again
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            I thought DJ was being facetious about my avatar. If it's really bugging y'all I'll ditch it. Like I said, I wasn't planning on using one, anyway.
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              No, don't ditch it.

              I'll get used to the movement, I shouldn't have said anything.


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                Mine is another one of those difficult ones to figure out

                ItzRandy is reflective of it's Randy (which I know needed to be explained)! I use it because it basically leaves no doubt as to who I am.

                As for my avtar, I forget which one I selected so as soon as I post this I'll figure it out and update my post. I believe it is called early onset of senility!

                Ahhh Yes, the Skunk ..... That's because my wife calls me "Stinky"! Ahhh, the affection!


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                  My username is my name! The G. is for Greg.
                  The avatar is an image of Mars since I am into astronomy. For a while, I had a picture of myself as my avatar, but it started to get creepy seeing my face staring back at me amidst all of these cartoon character avatars!


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                    No Doug, I actually had a good laugh when I saw it. It think it fits you perfectly in this whole situation. Please Don't trash it, I was just teasing about it.

                    Stinky heh?? Is there a good story there? I thought it was because you were a casanova like Pepe Lepew.

                    I wondered what your new one was. Looks good but I liked that face staring back at me. But I guess I can see how you would feel seeing yourself every time you're on.
                    Last edited by DJ Dubovsky; 02-23-2002, 09:17 PM.


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                      Not very original with just my name! I really didn't know how to create an avatar when first joined the group. I know I have seen a thread around here somewhere about If I really feel the need I know I can just search for the info


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                        Originally posted by DJ Dubovsky
                        Stinky heh?? Is there a good story there? I thought it was because you were a casanova like Pepe Lepew.
                        I could only wish there was a good story to this one. She swears that I have alien DNA that puts me in a class all my own! Talk about an inferiority complex! I think I stay married for the abuse!


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                          Well, mine is obvious.
                          I posted my own pic because I discovered I could, and I was hoping to start a trend.

                          I like the idea of putting a face to a name. I just seem to relate to a face better than a cartoon or some other symbol. This group is very personable, and a face just seems appropriate, especially when you think about what we are all about-photographs.

                          So my vote (if we had one) would be to show a face - any face, so we can see who we're talking to.


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                            I use the name Sanda because it's a name my young cousin calls me and when I signed up with this group I had just spent the day with her and had heard the name constantly so I guess it was etched in my brain. My name is Sandra, if I knew how I would change Sanda to Sandra.
                            As for the mouse avitar I use, well when I chose that I was feeling like a little mouse in such a large place and wanted to hide in my little mouse hole. I guess I was feeling a bit intimidated by the awesome talent here.


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                              I think there is a way to change it but I like Sanda. It's unique and so are you. As for the mouse, I think you have become the mouse that roared. I would say you rank right up there in that talent list.


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