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  • Talk About Torture !!!!

    Completely off topic here but thought I'd share .....

    I just bought a new townhouse and moved a whopping mile and a half from where I was previously at. During this time I was subjected to returning to a dial-up connection until my DSL could be re-established. I don't know how I ever did the dial-up thing! A total of 16 days without my DSL and I was ready to rip the phone wires out of my walls. It is truly scary how dependent one becomes on having a fast connection once you've had it for a period of time!

    My hat's off to those of you that still have the patience to deal with a dial-up connection. I now know, I will sell my soul to keep my DSL up and running!

    I think I'll hold a memorial service for my old 56k modem ..... time to put it out to pasture!

    Just wanted to "vent" a bit!

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    I respectfully disagree about one thing. There's *nothing* off-topic in the Salon area.

    Maybe I should't try DSL when it becomes available. It sounds as though you had severe withdrawal symptoms!



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      I totally agree with you. We haven't had DSL for a year yet and I can't remember what it was like before it. I do remember downloading taking an hour for a few megabytes that now takes a few minutes. Love it and wouldn't want to go back. My sister's on dial-up with at 28k modem and I can't see how she functions.


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        If we could get 28k up here, it would be celebration time! Right now, I'm screaming along the digital highway at 19.2k and have not been disconnected for 10 whole minutes......almost a record for uninterrupted connection. Tom


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          Originally posted by thomasgeorge
          If we could get 28k up here, it would be celebration time! Right now, I'm screaming along the digital highway at 19.2k and have not been disconnected for 10 whole minutes......almost a record for uninterrupted connection. Tom
          Tom, I'm baffled .... Why so slow? I lived up in Sandpoint, ID back in 94 and was able to get my 33.6 clicking right along at max speed. Let's face is, Northern Idaho is not the tech mecca either! Have you had your line tested to see if there is some other problem?

          Okay, now to just rub it in a bit (the sadistic side of me), when I had the tech out to the house to resolve an issue, he line tested me at the box and at the jack ..... downstream speed is at 1536k


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            There are so few people here that it simply isnt economical to upgrade the peripheral lines. Once you get out of town, a time warp takes over, tech-wise...I've had the Phone Co. test the lines and all they say is "they work" is exceedingly frustrating as trying to send or receive any files which are over a few hundred K's is a time consuming adventure. To download a 5 meg file can take upwards of 45 or so minutes... Go ahead and rub it in...I'll just go out behind the barn and yell vile oaths at the amuses them and makes me feel better....Tom


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