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    Just won an iPod Video in an airline draw. Not really bothered with mp3 players much but it will replace my venerable Sony minidisc player. Can anybody suggest any info sites for iPod users. I've found iLounge and obviously Apples own support site but are there any more iPod resource sites out there?


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    You have found the two best sources that I know of. Be sure to check out all the Photoshop podcasts that are available. Some folks may not have PS, but some of the hints and tips can give you ideas of things you may be able to accomplish in your program of choice.


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      Thanks for the info I seemed to have tamed the beast although I doubt I'll find 60gb worth of music to load. I'm told it can be used as a memory tank to download flash cards but isn't as fast as dedicated devices.


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        one tip

        I have gone through 3 ipods, and will suggest one thing. Get a case to protect it. They do scratch pretty easily.


        Congrats on winning...


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          Originally posted by chris h
          [...] I'm told it can be used as a memory tank to download flash cards but isn't as fast as dedicated devices.
          It doesn't need to be fast, Chris!
          Stick the full card in the card reader, set the upload going, stick the iPod/Reader combo, while emptying/uploading, in your camera bag, and let it worry about itself while you continue shooting at full speed on your other flash card.
          And when your second card is full, you switch 'em!
          Ideal for weddings/events (that stop for nothing) and for when you're in the boondocks. Hundreds, even thousands of miles from the next computer.
          With large portable storage like that you can easily afford to shoot at max quality/file size: RAW+JPG, preferably.
          The iPod as image tank served me excellently on trips to Antarctica, Falkland Islands, Tanzania, Seychelles, Kenya, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Venezuela, Emirates, Caribean, Europe and the U.S.A.
          Grenada is next.
          Just don't forget to bring your recharger, of course.
          And your foreign plug converter!
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