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VISION--Right Eye vs. Left Eye

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  • VISION--Right Eye vs. Left Eye

    Before I start, I know that I'm BRAND NEW. Regardless, this is a topic that is EXTREMELY serious for all of us around here. I'm only 23 (24 in one month...July 30th) and I have always had 20-20 vision since I was a baby, according to the eye doctor. But even though I go to the eye doctor once a year and he/she says I have 20/20 vision, I can close my left eye/ right eye and the one is much more sharp than the other. (I say left eye/ right eye because it will obviously be different for each person). For me, my Right eye is sharp as a tack, but my Left eye can take a second or two to focus in if my right eye is closed.

    I believe this is somthing ALOT of people do not realize about least not at first. Going along with that, most people's left/right eyes see the world in different temperatures of light.

    For me, if I go back and forth from one eye to the other, my right eye is warmer toned than my left eye.....Plus it obviously gives you a different point of view, which is why the world is in 3-d.

    I write this thread because it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for us Retouchers to realize situations such as what I have mentioned....most do not for a really long time, and even then it's hard to realize, in an art perspective, that there is a difference. It sounds stupid, but the time I realize this difference the most is when I'm drunk. Obviously neither eye is at its best in the aforementioned situation but if you are sitting back at your computer or reading a book etc I believe that alot of us will be able to recognize this fact quickly. ..sober or not.

    If a thread around here metioned that, sorry for my rant (I searched, I promise) but if not, hopefully it will help some people randomly realize this difference. and like I said, it is obviously extremely important to realize, or not realize about yourselves.

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    Welcome to Retouch Justin!!!

    I have been thinking about the difference in vision of both eyes a lot lately and i find that although my right eye is sharp....the blur on my left is getting worse, having said that i am a lot older than you and up to 10 years ago had no vision problems at all....Now i do have to wear glasses to watch tele,read and do computer work....time for a visit to the optician i think....It is an intesting subject and yes it will effect how you see retouching etc....I am not a retoucher more into the digiatal art and photo manipulation....Thanks for your thread I enjoyed it very much...



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      I remember a Pentax ad from back in the 80s saying that Japanese eyes could see more colors than western eyes. And World of Warcraft has an option you can check to enable colorblind mode (remaps colors to be more visible).

      The recent "mosquito" ringtone has been in the news because teenagers can hear it but adults can't. Another article described how when adults and teens listen to the same music they hear completely different things.

      Then again, Beethoven was stone deaf and Van Gogh had visual hallucinations.

      Differences, or advantages? The truth is that everyone subjectively experiences everything differently than anyone else.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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