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    I might be the only one ever to mess up the original scan by saving a file I worked on without using "save as". As soon as I realized what I had done, I knew I would have to re-scan the photo. But if I no longer had the photo, I'd be out of luck. Now, being a little wiser, when I make a scan, I save it in my "original scan" folder, and change the file attributes to read-only. So if your IQ is sub-standard like mine, "it's a good thing" as Martha would say.


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    Macintosh translation

    I have had my share of "senior moments" too, but I never thought of locking the original of the file. I was using "creative"names to try to remember which was the original. Needless to say, I've done a fair bit of re-scanning.

    BTW on a Macintosh, save the file in a safe place, then click the "locked" checkbox in the lower left corner of the get info box. To open the get info box, hold down the control key while clicking once on the icon of the file and select "Get Information" from the pop-up menu.

    Thanks for the tip,


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      I always make a copy of my background (original) scan layer and work on the layers above that so my original scan is alway still there in the layers. I do save the scans also but that is an extra safety. I have had that happen to me also and it's a disappointing occurance.


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        I try to always send a copy of scans or camera files to a CD before I do anything else to them. Then if I either mess up or hear a large crash from the HD, I have that copy safe on the CD.
        Adds a little to the time, saves on the ulcers......


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          I never have this problem. I am young and my mind is like a trap.

          (Pinocchio’s nose grows longer...)

          All kidding aside, don't worry Ed, I think everyone has done this...more times than I care to admit!


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