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I can't take any more of XP!!

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  • I can't take any more of XP!!

    I've really had it with windows (and it's not because
    I'm inexperienced - I've used 3.1, 95, 98, and XP) I've had sooo many problems and it hasn't really helped deleting everything and reloading Windows, so I give up. I'm very soon switching to Linux (Mandrake 8.2).
    When I first bought XP in december I actually liked it, and it was quite stable.
    but after I started installing programs it quickly got worse and worse.
    here's a list of reasons I'm ditching Windows XP:[list=1][*]Instability the more programs I installed, the less stable it got,
    especially on the net. at times it'd crash every 5-10 minutes while I was surfing.
    I also get all kinds of problems with programs locking up and not responding, or
    strange things like when I double click on a program it won't start no matter what
    I do, so I have to reboot.[*]Speed visual effects look nice but they sure slow thngs down.
    I've gone through all the settings in control panel to see what I can
    disable but when I did disable them I ran into various problems (for
    example when I disabled all the performance consuming effects it messed
    up my control panel which I tried every thing I could think of to fix but
    ended up having to reloading windows)[*]Security/Privacy I was not impressed having to download patches for
    the major security holes. Windows does include some kind of "firewall"
    or something but it's not very effective and you don't have control over
    anything. You don't really get much privacy in Windows - it automatically
    installs the Comet cursor (sends information to microsoft) and Alexa (tracks all
    your surfing habits in Internet Explorer). My firewall (ZoneAlarm) has cathes windows
    trying to access the internet many times a day (so i'm pretty sure it's not just
    checking for updates)[*]Incompatibility With every release, Microsoft makes lots of your hardware/
    Software incompatible, forcing you to upgrade and costing you quite a bit of money.[*]Cost at approx. $200US for the full version it's quite expensive(especially
    when compared to Linux) so if you keep buying new versions to keep current, it can
    really add up.[*]Spacea Windows installation takes up quite a bit of space, and as you install
    and uninstall programs, a lot of junk builds up (including full programs sometimes -
    windows won't let me uninstall or delete them) which can only be getten rid of by
    reformatting and reloading windows.[*]Various other strange things for example, I'll be using a program and then
    suddenly, *poof* i'ts gone and then it reloads my desktop and I can't open the program
    again until I restart Windows.[/list=1]
    I could go on for a loooong time about the rest of the problems there are with
    Windows, but you're probably getting the picture by now. and on top of that, I really
    hate Microsoft and try to avoid buying their products. (here's a good page about
    Now, here's the reasons why I'm going over to Linux:
    [list=1][*]Stability Linux can easily run for months or years without crashing,
    and even if a program locks up or crashes you can still get out of it and it
    won't crash the operating system. also Linux is very efficient with memory, which
    causes better stability.[*]Speed even Microsoft realizes that Linux is faster than Windows - from a
    MS memo: "Linux/Netscape ran 30-40% faster than NT/IE".[*]Security Linux was intended for the internet, so it is very secure. also,
    with it's file permission system, if you do get a virus, it can do a lot less damage
    than it could on a Windows system.[*]Low costLinux is under the GNU Public License (GPL), so distributions
    (like Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE etc.) can be downloaded for free, or bought on CD
    for very low price. also each distribution normally comes with at least 1 or 2 CDs
    worth of programs (hundreds of programs).[*]Graphical interfaces an average distrobution will have around 4, including
    KDE and Gnome (the most popular ones) which make Linux much easier to use.(if
    you're wondering what it looks like go here: )
    also, some distributions like Mandrake and SuSE have done nice graphical installations, which
    make it a lot easier for Linux newbies to install it. There's an add on called
    WINE which lets you run Windows applications under Linux (I've seen screenshots
    of WINE running Internet Explorer and MS Word!)[*]Space Linux can install on a 486 with about 16 MB RAM. a minimal install
    can be around 50-100 Megabites. on a new system it will take up much less hard drive
    space and be faster than Windows.[/list=1]
    However there ARE some downsides to Linux:[list=1][*]Incompatibility There's still various hardware that won't work in Linux, but
    there's lots that is compatible too( for a list see here: )
    and there's still software that won't run under WINE (no Photoshop, various 3D games etc.)[*]Hard to learn Linux can be tough to get started with and run, but the
    graphical installations and window systems make it much easier to install/learn, and
    there is starting to be some very good help websites out there (like[/list=1]

    I'm not gonna delete Windows yet, because I'm going to have to dual boot so that
    I can still use my printer/scanner/copier which doesn't have a Linux driver yet.
    but besides that I'm not going to be using Windows any more, I've really taken enough
    of it already.
    Sorry about this long rant, but I thought at least some of you might find it
    interesting if you don't get bored to death halfway through. anyway I need to stop
    typing now, it's too long already and my fingers are getting tired

    - David
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    I adopted a wait and see stance when XP came out (I am running ME). After reading your post, I'm glad I did!

    I sense a Mac in your future...


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      When XP first came out there was lots of good reviews and I've heard from other people that they really like it, so I've been quite surprised a how many problems I've had with it. the latest thing I have been having today, is when I boot up, it takes about 5-10 minutes before I can open anything. and this is just after a clean install. Im sooo frustrated with it.
      I'd consider using a mac, except all the hardware/ software is sooo expensive, so for now I'll keep with the free stuff (Linux) that can run on my current machine.

      - David
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        Add this to your Linux downside:

        No Photoshop
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          Wow, it really sounds like you have an over abundance of problems! I can't say that I'm crazy about Microsoft either. I can actually remember my first computer had Geoworks instead of Windows, and I hated the fact that I had to switch to Windows in order to get the software I wanted (Photoshop, for one).

          I'm curious about what your firewall has reported about the Microsoft accesses to your system. Sounds incredible! Do you have any more details about that?

          Regarding XP, I have to say, I haven't experienced anything near the problems you're encountering. I've been running XP since November, with pretty good results (knock on wood).

          I'm wondering if you made an upgrade, or did it come pre-installed? Mine was pre-installed, so I was lucky enough not to have that hassle.

          One of the first things I did, was download all the XP drivers for my current hardware, and all the software upgrades for my programs. So far, so good.

          I can't image why you are unable to customize the firewall settings, as well as other settings, as I didn't have any problems on that part either.

          I didn't care for the new "look" so I chose the option of using the "traditional" theme/style. Thanks to that option, I've hardly noticed the differences from Win98.

          All in all, it has a few nice features, and works ok, but I wouldn't recommend it as a "must have" (remember, I'm still using version 4 of Photoshop, although I am making the upgrade to 7).

          I wish you success, and peace of mind with Linux. Keep us posted.


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            I can't say that I'm a fan of Microsoft either, but I won't give up Photoshop. I've stuck with Windows 98SE on purpose, and have fewer problems with it than I did with Windows 3.1 or 95. I started with an Apple 2e many years ago and did get an IMac but had more problems with its OS than with Windows (I'm sure that part of it was my lack of experience with the newer OS, but it still locked up on me just like Windows).

            I'll root for Linux or whoever else can break the Microsoft lock on compatibility with hardware/software, but in the meanwhile I'll keep chugging along with my lil' ol' Win98. Geez, some days I don't even have to re-boot at all


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              Doug - it was in there but I went back and highlighted it because I think thats a major one thats holding people back from switching to Linux. There is The GIMP (Photshop knockoff ) for linux and the newest version (1.2.3 and there's also the Windows version) apparently has a plug in to accept photoshop filters so thats quite interesting, however its still not equal to photoshop.
              Vikki - I'm using ZoneAlarm ( and it catches Windows trying to access the internet quite often. even if I could configure the firewall I wouldn;t trust it, because it's from MS. XP came preinstalled when I bought my custom computer back in december and just in the past couple days I partitioned my hard drive, reformatted, deleted, the windows partition (i backed up my hard drive first of course) and reinstalled Windows, all the XP drivers, and everything from scratch, and I'm still having problems.
              CJ - It's interesting, there seems to be more support all the time from major hardware/ software makers for Linux. the more that it happens, the more people will migrate to linux, and that could force Microsoft to start making better products (which I kinda doubt) or start to lose it's hold on the market.

              - David

              P.S. When I install Linux I'll keep posting on how it goes but it's going to be a while because I just ordered my CDs.
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                I've got an XP machine, a Windows2000 machine, a Win98 (non-SE) machine, a Linux machine (Redhat), and I've spent most of my professional life working on and supporting Macs.

                They all suck (at times).

                My personal favorite is Windows2000. Stable, well-behaved, and not TOO automated. But, if I was starting from scratch at this very moment, I'd consider going Mac.

                A couple of lifetimes ago I was an apprentice carpenter, and I don't remember once any of the journeymen sitting around comparing hammers or boycotting saws because of who manufactures them. My (ex) father-in-law is a mechanic at a Dodge dealership. I once asked him who made the best ratchets. He said "you know, I've never thought about it".

                Computer maintenance can end up being a hobby in of itself, much like model trains, bonzai trees, or audiophilia. That's fine, as long as its recognized as such.

                But to me a computer is just another hammer.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Doug explains "But to me a computer is just another hammer."

                  Very true, Doug. And all David wants, I believe, is a "hammer that doesn't stop working when he needs it".


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                    exactly CJ! I just want something that works. thats why I laugh every time I hear anything about "Microsoft Works".
                    Doug, do you use a GUI on your Redhat machine (KDE or Gnome)? and if so what do you think of them?

                    - David


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            's ok...tried KDE but liked Gnome better...can't really say why. I can recommend Redhat.

                      I don't use the machine for anything productive, it's just an old box I put Linux on to familiarize myself with it. Most low-level things are just too darn hard, and it's not like I enjoy learning curves I was having fun until I tried to install Samba so I could put it on my Win network.

                      Linux is NOT for ppl that view computers as hammers It's more a lifestyle choice than an operating system.
                      Learn by teaching
                      Take responsibility for learning


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                        I'm not exactly into learning curves myself, but if it means I won't have to deal with Windows much more, then I'll do it almost without question.
                        lol, I like the hammer analogy . it's true that it's a different lifestyle, almost all the people I've met who use Linux are a LOT different than your average Windows user.

                        - David


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                          Hi David!

                          Have you examined other possibilities behind some of your computer problems? I read back over a few of your posts and it just strikes me as really strange that reinstalling XP is not clearing up some of the stuff. What kind of processor / motherboard combination do you have?

                          When you mentioned programs locking up and crashing, it reminded of heat problems I have had in the past. I had a computer at work once, that seemed to crash like clockwork every 10 to 15 minutes. It took me a whole day to realize the fan had croaked and I guess the build up of heat was causing the system to crash. (I'm pretty embarrassed that it took me that long to realize such an obvious problem!)


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                            Hi Greg,

                            I've been wondering if it's a hardware thing too. I have a Celeron 950 Mhz processor and an AOpen AX34 II Motherboard and the fan is working just fine.
                            I've checked through everything in the device manager and there's no problems there. the wierd part of all this is it crashes most frequently on the net (and its not because of viruses or bad programs - I'm careful and check thngs out all the time) but it hasn't been as bad as usual lately since I've reloaded, its mostly been other strange problems.

                            - David


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                              You might want to check for a bios update, updated video drivers, etc... I doubt that is the problem, but it never hurts to cover all the possibilities.

                              Do you have anything "modified" You know, like a massively overclocked Geforce card? hehehe


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