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Microsoft's plan backfires

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  • Microsoft's plan backfires

    I had a good laugh after reading these stories on a few news sites, and thought some of you might too, so here they are:
    Last week, Microsoft and Unysis launched an $30 million anti Unix campaign at claiming that Unix is outdated, inflexible, way too complex and can only be used my computer experts who cost a lot, and that Windows is far better. soon after it launced though, a site called NetCraft ( ) which tracks servers soon found out that the site was running on FreeBSD, a free open source version of Unix, and Apache server (very popular open source server software)!!! So of course when Microsoft heard about this, they quickly switched over to Windows NT and IIS, MS's server software, causing downtime for almost a day! also it was recently found out that they're using MySQL (open source) for the site database, not Microsoft's SQL server. The site has completely backfired on them, causing lots of embarrassment, news stories all over and various spoof sites (like )

    the other story I read is about Microsoft not being able to sucessfully use their own products: (story from link at )
    Dr. Frank Soltis, the IBM engineer who has been called "the AS/400's Elvis," recently shared a success story during a keynote speech at a user conference in Florida. This particular company was in the software distribution business and at one point had 23 AS/400s located around the world. The company was a very good customer, went from CISC to RISC, and was always one of the first to upgrade to new technology, he said. Then came the Year 2000 problem, and despite five years of dedicated service during a period of great revenue growth, the company decided that it was time to move off the AS/400. So in June of 1999, the company unplugged its AS/400s and powered up 1200 NT servers it needed to replace them. But things didn't quite go as planned. "They found they couldn't make it work," Soltis told the crowd. "Today, one year after unplugging their AS/400s, they're back on the AS/400." That company is Microsoft. "They viewed that as a point of embarrassment," Soltis said. "We thought it was kind of fun....Can you think of a company with greater incentive to move to NT, and they couldn't do it?"

    - David

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    Does this mean that everyone should invest in Apple?



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      Naw...time to dump computers and all things digital once and for all!! Bring back the abacus, charcoal sticks and blank cave walls!! For speedy communication over distances...smoke signals and homing Buffalo. I Knew all this electronic stuff was just a passing fad....I hereby consign the digital age to the 8th level of Hades....where it will be in good company with things like Garlic flavored wine, In the Shell Egg scramblers and minature pot bellied pigs which grow to 400 lbs....Tom


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        Hmmm, I'll have to tell my neighbor friend -- he is in charge of the AS400's for his company, and sometimes wonders how long the company will keep using them.... and him.


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          It's hugely interesting to me that Unisys is trying to kill Unix. When I worked for them, they were thinking of changing their sales pitch to sell Unix machines rather than mainframes!


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            Ed - I think its a good idea to invest in anybody BUT Microsoft.

            Tom - Sounds like a good plan! how about we all just ditch our computers, run off to somewhere remote and start a cave dwellers colony

            CJ - I'd say his job is pretty secure unless Microsoft can actually come up with a real alternative.

            Al - hmm thats very interesting to hear! that convinces me even more that this campaign is a complete joke.

            - David


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              Sign me up for the remote cave dwellers...perhaps we could live like Hobbits? No more dragging and more "Fatal Exception Errors"...and no more Xcam 2 pop up ads!


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                X-Cam...yet another invention worthy of being consigned to the opposite side of the river Styx along with the Ad agency responsible for its promotion via Pop-ups....a pox on them all!
                See attached to find out what really happened to the Hobbits.....Tom


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                  No way Papa Smurf could eat chance.

                  The Xcam may be a blight on the internet but you have to applaud the ad agency for it's stubborn and determined attempt at creating the first pop-up window cult classic. Are they even pop-up windows anymore? Just Xcam...ALL the time, EVERY time!

                  We have strayed way off topic...back to the subject at hand - "Down with Microsoft, Long Live Amiga!!!"


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                    "The AS400s Elvis" spins an Urban Legend

                    While I definitely don't agree with many of MSFT's policies, historical decisions or actions, and at times get exceptionally angry while using some of their products, I wanted to set the record straight regarding AS400s.

                    I worked @ MSFT 1992-2000 in the HQ data center in Redmond, WA. Part of that time I was directly involved in AS400 operations. The last two years I worked along side a colleague, who managed the worldwide AS400 to Windows 2000 conversion project.

                    1200 NT servers to replace the AS400s? About two dozen is more like it.

                    The claim it all fell apart a year later & MSFT had to fall back to AS400s should have caused Dr. Soltis's nose to grow about 2'5". It just ain't true.

                    I'm not sure if Dr. Soltis, "The AS400s Elvis," intentionally bent the truth, was misinformed or was quoted out of context. He spun an amusing yarn, which no one in the audience could refute.

                    I can. I have the battle scars to prove it.

                    MSFT is a 'buy' @ $25.


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                      Tom - haha where did you get that pic?

                      Danny -
                      thanks for filling us in on the real story

                      We have strayed way off topic...back to the subject at hand - "Down with Microsoft, Long Live Amiga!!!"
                      It's amazing how we can go from the topic of Microsoft to running off to live like Hobbits in caves in about 5 posts

                      - David


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                        Microsoft seems to have that effect on people.


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                          heheheh very true Greg

                          - David


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                            "Microsoft seems to have that effect on people."
                            Couldn't agree more.

                            Without a doubt it was the most testosterone driven place I ever worked in 35 years. To say the internal competition is fierce and expections are demanding would be like asking, "Gets a little hot on the sun sometimes, doesn't it?"

                            Considering how frustrating 'released' MSFT products can be, I had to do most of my "real work" using beta (or pre-beta) software. CTRL+S became my favorite shortcut.

                            Working in such an atmosphere for eight years makes a lifelong impression.

                            In retrospect I'm glad to have had the experience (it helped me better appreciate things in life that are really important) and I had the opportunity to work with some exceptionally talented and decent folks (not all of 'em were SOBs). But I be real glad I ain't puttin' in 60 hr weeks no more.

                            Futzing around with Photoshop, surfin' the net and engaging in forum chats is a heck of a lot more fun.


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                              Considering how frustrating 'released' MSFT products can be, I had to do most of my "real work" using beta (or pre-beta) software. CTRL+S became my favorite shortcut.
                              That would not have been fun. while working there did you ever meet Billy Gate$ ? If so what was he actually like? I've heard all kinds of stories, but I'm never really sure what to believe.

                              - David


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