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  • A voice in the wilderness

    Greetings from the country. I'm glad to see everyone is having a good time while I'm gone and no problems have come up.

    It will take me some time to recover from all this fresh air and quiet. It's just not natural to breath air you can't see.

    I'll be back in a few days. Everyone keep up the good work. Don't worry about any Challenges you may have submitted. They're safe in my mailbox at home, and I'll get to them as soon as I can on my return (hopefully there are so many it will take me some time to catch up).
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Go for it, Doug, you deserve every minute of your R&R. Glad to know you are getting some rest.



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      So, you just couldn't stay away, huh?

      I hope you're able to enjoy yourself with all that fresh air. It can do strange things to the mind! Add to that the warmer weather that's moving in and I feel a definitely delirium coming on!



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        You can't see the air?? How could you possibly know what you're breathing? By the way -- I haven't heard anything about a fish slaughter!



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          I'm glad you're enjoying the country air!

          I lived in big cities (Phoenix, AZ & Portland, OR) for 28 years. I started life in the country though, and just moved back to it a couple of years ago. Be careful, it gets in your blood and you never want to leave!

          Now I wake up to cows mooing and roosters crowing every morning. Rush hour means that 5 cars pass by in the span of an hour...

          Ain't it GRAND?? LOL



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