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  • Here we go!

    On another thread, Doug said "We have a bad combination of intense server requirements and virtually no budget. Going with a "name" webserver company with our requirements would cost easily over $1000 per year. "

    One month from today will be May 21. I would suggest that each one of us donate another $5.00 to the site on that day. That's enough time for anyone to save $5.00. Let's all contribute on that day, and Doug can let us know how much we actually raised. Are there any takers out there? I'm willing to remind you of the upcoming date. I think that would be a pretty small "thank you" for making the site available for us.

    Psssst -- hey Doug. We'll talk about my cut in private!


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    I'm in!

    Maybe make it the week of the 21st....sort of like a public TV or radio fund raising drive.


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      I just pitched in $10 about 3 days ago but I think it's worth it to me for the amount of info I get out of this site as compared to buying a Photoshop book or CD or even paying $99 for a day seminar. You can't beat the site as a resource for learning. So count me in. Maybe we could do what Greg mentioned and do a drive that week.

      Just thought I would add, I still think we are doing pretty good with this server for the few set backs we have had to tolerate so using the money for a new one isn't a priority with me but I think Doug could still use the money so I am still with this drive.


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        Hmmm, buy one less carton of ice cream sandwiches equaling 3 pounds added to my ample body OR help keep a resource open to me that brightens my day and my horizons -- tough choice, but I'll be happy to go along with the donation on May 21st.

        DJ, you're absolutely correct in saying "you can't beat the site as a resource for learning".

        How about it -- EVERYONE who has learned at least ONE useful technique, method, or approach, contribute $5.00 -- even if you've never posted, I'll bet you've learned something worth MORE than $5.00!


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          I'm in, it's a samll price to pay for such a great site.


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            Great idea Ed! Everything I get out of this site is soooooo valuable. I definitely agree with Sanda. count me in too!!! (but it might take awhile for my donation to get wherever it has to go to in the mail)

            - David

            P.S. where would I send it to?


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              That's an interesting point. Where do those who would like to donate through regular mail send it? Doug will have to answer that one.
              As for electronic donations just click on Support in the menu listing. It will take you to Amazon's page for donations to Retouch Pro. You will need to have a credit card for that one.


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                Doug added PayPal a while back per Sharon Brunson's suggestion. The email address is [email protected]


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                  Thanks DJ and Greg, but unfortunately I don't have a credit card so that won't work for me, and I'll have to rely on snailmail

                  - David


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                    I think the week long fund raiser is a good idea. I'm sure everybody has gotten more than $5.00 worth of good advice from this site. Let's just say we'll start on Sunday, May 19 - 25. If anyone has a better suggestion, let's hear it! You will be reminded!! Thanks for the support.



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                      I'm in! (That is as long as we don't have to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming every ten minutes with a pledge break! Can you tell I'm in the middle of our local NPR station pledge drive? )



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                        Our regularly scheduled programming will not be interupted! However, if everyone would like to post after they pledge their $5.00, that might encourage more donations. Feel free to post it on this thread.



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                          Good idea!!! I still have not been able to devote all the time that I want to this site, but I'm viewing it every day and keeping track of all the good tips.

                          I had planned on getting in a considerable amount of time this past week, but I sell air conditioners and it was in the 90's in NYC. My days were 7am-10pm as I also do the pricing and ordering. No complaints, but I will probably past a little of this early season wealth onto Doug.

                          As I'm writting this, they are talking snow flurries by morning. Oh well, easy come, easy go. However, early heat also shakes them out and sets the tone for a good season if there is any reasonable heat. My wife says the best part about when I retire is that I won't be listening to the weather every day in the summer.

                          Just give a reminder for the donation week.



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                            This outpouring of support is very gratifying.

                            If anyone needs a snailmail address, email me or PM me.

                            I'd make some clever quip here, but I'm pretty much speechless.
                            Learn by teaching
                            Take responsibility for learning


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