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  • Picture perfect paper

    Hi all,
    I found an interesting product article in Dynamic Graphics Magazine ( They have a section called desktop toolkit. In this section they talked about a company called Pictorico. They have a new product which is resin-coated photo gallery glossy paper. It is designed to work with desktop printers to provide the look and feel of traditional 35mm lab processing. It says both sides of the paper are laminated with a polyethylene laminate for durability, water resistance, and smudg-proof finish. It costs about $1.00 per sheet. They have other interesting products on their site - and you can order a sample pack for $10. I don't know if the paper is good, but I trust Dynamic Graphics recommendation.

    I thought this might be of interest to those of you who service most of your client printing needs on your own printers. There are so many different papers on the market - with such variable gets somewhat overwhelming.

    I suscribe to Dynamic Graphics Magazine as a user of their suscription art service. They have great products..and nice people to work with. You can order images on line for special projects,etc. They also offer training classes of all kinds if you are interested. Check out their web site if you have time.

    Just wanted to share the info.
    Barb Kessling/ccdesktop

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    Sounds promising, Barb.

    Has anyone tried this paper? (or will I have to be the first?)