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Cool avatar, Mark Zebra

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  • Cool avatar, Mark Zebra

    Care to share how you made it?
    Learn by teaching
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    In case you can't find it


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      Thanks BigAl - I've looked everywhere for it!



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        I was also a bit stumped Lisa, but then realised that it should be available on the members page. Doug has been working too hard and probably didn't realise that it's quite difficult to find someone's avatar (especially if that person isn't all that active )


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          Quite difficult? Sounds like it was easy enough for you
          Difficult is getting someone to notice a thread they're not aware of. We need an ambassador in charge of "emailing ppl that don't know there's a thread waiting for them"
          There's probably a hundred Challenge threads that fit that description.
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Sorry about that Just found you all. I have enormous trouble surfing this site which is one of the reasons Im not more active. A lot of the links don't work (I'M on IE5 for mac). Ive posted this problem on another thread for you to check out -

            Thanks for the compliment on my avatar.

            Wait for it ...hold your breath

            Its done with ImageReady, a Displacement channel, and a moving Lighting Effects layer.

            I guess that probably doesn't all make much sense but you can check this thread to see my exhaustive description of how I did the distortion as the stripes move over the shape.

            I then just animated the lighting effects layer over the top with a reduced opacity I think.


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