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  • interesting test

    found this interesting test... "Here's a timed test to see how quickly you can pick out the real logos in a line-up of imposters." my score was 29.8% let see how well will you do.

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    Re: interesting test

    Originally posted by Cyber Cat
    ..."Here's a timed test to see how quickly you can pick out the real logos in a line-up of imposters." my score was 29.8% let see how well will you do.

    I didn't get any of them right the first try... Oh, woe is me!


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      That's clever. Most of the ones I got right were pure luck I think lol.


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        Re: interesting test

        I got a 45.2% , put I think I was just lucky.


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          Re: interesting test

          luck is deff. important factor lol the only one i knew for sure was "youTube"


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            Re: interesting test

            I totally sucked.


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              Re: interesting test

              Interesting little test, I got 48% although 2 examples were completely unfamiliar to me.


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                Re: interesting test

                is this a test? of brand brain washings ? kind of pavlov huh ? all of these brand names i would never spend any money at , whats this, spyware for the young and dumb


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                  Re: interesting test

                  good job Littlecoo

                  whats this, spyware for the young and dumb
                  what are you trying to say? what spyware? and who is dumb? i personaly use ebay, flickr, c|net, youTube, and some other companies listed there and know for a fact a lot of people on this board use flickr to store and share images. so if i were you i wouldnt call anyone dumb, Sir.


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