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    I see so many websites for restorers and retouchers, but so few for our members. This got me wondering: do you have a website?
    Yes, my URL is in my profile
    Yes, but it's a secret
    No, but I should
    No, don't have one, don't want one
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    I have a site for my restoration work...but it will remain unseen until it's done. ...the suspense must be killing everyone


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      I have webspace, and I did some work on a site, but I never actually got anywhere even close to finishing it.. I've kind of forgotten about it in the last couple weeks, this just reminded me about it.

      - David


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        Yes and it's listed here but mostly it's become a reference for business generated from the local Yellow Pages more than a source of online business.


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          I clicked on answer 4 in the poll which does not exactly fit my situation.

          I authored and maintain a website dedicated to locating individuals who served in the Army unit to which I was attached during the Korean war. I do not have a personal or business website.

          If I ever hone my skills to the point where I figure someone might pay for them, I'll reconsider. That may be a long time in coming.


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            I meant any website, so it doesn't really matter if it's business-related or not. My best friend runs HeavyBombers, which you might find of interest (locating USAAF members from WWII).
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              Not so much a website as a parking area for odd snaps. Used as a link prior to the gallery facility.


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                I voted "Yes, but it's a secret" - which isn't exactly my situation. Like Chris, my website is pretty much a parking lot for old photos right now. Since I refused to pay yahoo for the "privilege" of POPping my e-mail, I quickly found a webhost for my e-mail using a domain name which I registered six months ago, but I haven't yet had time to put up a website for my business. I've got a lot of ideas - just haven't had time to put them all together yet.



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                  I voted "it's a secret" also, but I used to have a website on AOL that I put up years ago and never finished. It contains some personal photography of Arizona landscape and wildlife. Still have the pages, but haven't set up my new space with my new cable provider. I've helped do some work on the website for our wildlife rehabilitation group, but now it's handled by someone else.

                  I believe that a good website focuses on someone's passionate interests, and I'm not yet well enough focused to create a good website.


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                    Yes, I have a website and it is posted.

                    I started it, and continue to maintain it, for the following reasons:

                    1) A place where our scattered relatives across the country can view pictures of their grandson. I got really tired of making reprints for 4 sets of grandparents.

                    2) A place for me to post pictures and my graphic art projects that I enjoy doing as a hobby.

                    3) It serves as a place to post pictures for forums that do not allow for uploading of pics.

                    4) To claim my fair share of cyberspace

                    I really need to tweek some of it and remove portions of it that I just have not maintained or started and never really completed.

                    I have a lot of respect for moderators of websites such as this, because there is definitely a time factor involved in keeping things running smoothly.

                    If you care to indulge here is the link.




                    • #11

                      I've been working on a website for a couple of weeks now, and it is almost ready to publish. I'm using websites by verisign, and it's not too hard to set up, but there are limitations. They offer reasonably priced build-your-own site packages. I'm hoping it will generate business - it should be interesting to find out. My website should be live next week at:

                      As an aside..there are a couple of Retouch Pro images I've restored that I would like to use in my gallery of samples. Do I need to ask permission from those who submitted the photos to display them?

                      (I also have another site on-line - not related to
                      It's a guide for Americans planning to move to the UK. I co-wrote it with two women I met while living in England for a year. I did the design, took the photographs for the book, and created the interactive CD. It's been on the web for about a year. Take a peek!)

                      Barbara Kessling/


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                        You do not need permission, though its always nice to ask. And, of course, we'd appreciate a link (and don't forget to list your site in our links database)
                        Learn by teaching
                        Take responsibility for learning


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                          My website is non-business:non-professional (obvious)
                          At my age it's a hobby and it keeps me involved with learning.
                          I meet a lot of nice folks and have fun with interacting in a few forums....
                          I'm not html savvy at all.
                          Built this site using homestead Site Builder
                          More of ego thing as something I accomplished I guess.
                          Site gets hardly any traffic .
                          tom c



                          • #14
                            Yes, I have a website, and it's listed in my profile.

                            So far I have used it only to share high school reunion pictures with others.



                            • #15
                              I don't have it listed because I didn't think it would be appropriate for a photo-retouching forum. It's a little site I threw together and forgot about 5 years ago. It's nothing special but it's all about a special little person.

                              It's just me noodling around with web site creation.



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