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Problems surfing the site anyone?

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  • Problems surfing the site anyone?

    I have been having a lot of difficulty with some of the links on this site. anything less than about 10 characters long doesnt respond as a hyperlink. I was wondering If I'm alone in this problem.

    I'm on Explorer 5 - mac version.

    Its actually not a problem I've ever noticed before on any other site and I do have a knowledge of HTML. So Im curious as to what it might be. If I were to make a guess I would say its some bug in the scripting fo the menu bar at the left.

    My only solution is to open up the source code for the page (command E), find the link and copy and paste it into the browser (thats why I cant surf here very often)

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    This is affecting a few ppl, but not enough for me to see any pattern. A thread has been started on it here. As I collect more information, hopefully I'll be able to find out where the problem is.
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      As I emailed you Doug - turning off scripting in Internet Explorer Preferences sorts the link problem but also of course means that the menu bar doesn't work.

      There is no corruption in the source as far as I can see - Ill look again


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        Doug - I don't think this is the same problem as the folks on the other thread are talking about.

        We are using IE 5 on a Mac - the other thread is talking about IE 6 on a PC.

        I have been having this problem for quite awhile. If the link text is short as was mentioned above, it doesn't respond as a link.

        The only place I notice this is in the screen where it displays new posts.



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          I see MS is bragging about a new version (5.1) of the Mac IE browser. Maybe this would be an excuse to try it? It's also OSX compatible, so that's another excuse.

          Let me know if it helps (or doesn't). Don't forget to select all the 'install java' and 'install javascript' options.

          Here's a (non-short) link:
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            Doug As I said I was going to do - I've installed the latest version for mac (I was already running 5.1 indidentally) - this includes all the latest scripting updates, and theres no change its behaving exactly the same.

            It's ignoring exactly the same links which I pointed out to you in the emails I sent.


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              I really appreciate you going through all that, Mark, and reporting it back here. I've been doing a LOT of reading on the subject, without finding any exactly relevant resources. I have, however, seen mention of a lot of unusual and intermittent problems with MacIE and Javascript, particularly in conjunction with CSS, which is our situation here.

              I wish I'd gotten this feedback a couple of months ago, before I redid the entire site. All is not lost, though. Evidently Netscape and something called iCab perform very well in this situation (although we have a completely different situation with MacNS over in the Gallery). Plus, as I mentioned in reply to your email, there's an upgrade for the menubar due very soon.

              All I can ask is patience, and don't stop visiting just because of some funkiness. In return, I'll keep on plugging until we get this fixed.

              We can't have a Mac-unfriendly graphics site
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