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  • A How-To thread?

    This is something I wouldn't feel comfortable with, but I think it would be worthwhile (especially for dummies like me) . If someone would like to take the lead, feel free to do so. Here's the deal -- start a thread on anything to do with downloading tutorials, actions, plug-ins, or whatever. You might indicate which downloaded items will be compatible with certain versions of Photoshop or another program (if you know). You could explain step-by-step how to download, and what to do with the file after it is downloaded. We've had a few threads where people have had trouble getting something to work with their programs. If file extensions are important, that might also be noted. The thread should go in the software forum.


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    Conceptually I don't have a problem with your 'what if.'

    Would what you're proposing be specific to "downloads" only? If so, in general or from only?

    Seems like individual threads in the PS Q&A forum would be a possibility, too, e.g.:

    DOWNLOADS: Actions
    DOWNLOADS: Brushes
    DOWNLOADS: Challenges
    DOWNLOADS: Plugins


    My .02...haven't had coffee yet this a.m.



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      Hi Danny. You name it. If it fits in the forum, it's fair game. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I can use all the help I can get when it comes to this type of thing. And don't sweat the coffee, as I've had enough for both of us.



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